7 underrated travel destinations

Are you looking for an incredible travel destination? Well, then your quest ends here. Compiled in this article are 7 locations that are unfortunately underrated; however, a must-visit. While these may be offbeat places, you indeed will find solace in these as they are far from being crowded by tourists. Additionally, you can save money as these are some beautiful yet cost-effective places to visit.

Let’s dig into each of these destinations that you might want to put your foot in:


Have you ever been to sun-kissed blue sandy beaches and witnessed the world’s largest coral reef with your bare eyes? Imagine yourself in one such place where you’ll see colorful sand islands, won’t that be the best thing you have possibly seen on earth. Say hello to Belize, a small country located in the eastern part of Central America. This place hasn’t gotten its due given the most popular neighboring travel destinations: Guatemala and Mexico.

What’s more intriguing about this place is its history, so if you have a keen interest in Mayan culture, this is the place for you. You won’t find hordes of tourists here, and you can explore some distinct species of fishes. Off the coast of Belize lies a small and secluded island called Caye Caulker, where you can relax and enjoy a laid back sloth-like life. Rejuvenate yourself and soak in the serene life of Belize.


Slovenia is surrounded by the most famous four travel destinations- Hungary, Italy, Croatia, and Austria. Still, it is just the opposite of all of these in reality, as tourists do not crowd it. You’ll experience hundreds of miles of virgin beaches, untouched nature, warm people, and historical architecture.

Most wanderers begin their journey by exploring Ljubljana’s capital, which is a relatively smaller city. The selling point for hiking lovers is Logar Valley, known for its lush green forest belt and the mighty hills. The Adriatic Sea borders Slovenia, so you will see many small towns stretched up to 47 km on the coastline. Koper is one of the popular tourist attractions and the biggest city in Slovenia, while Izola is famous for scrumptious seafood and dozens of restaurants serving local delicacies. It’s also known for Piran, which has a solid historical background to it, resorts, and other notable Venetian architectural symbols.


Morocco, Kenya, South Africa, who hasn’t heard of these African travel destinations, explored them? But have you ever been to Ethiopia? It’s a hugely underrated place in Africa despite being the biggest country on this continent having good connectivity of flights. Ethiopia is the place to satisfy your wanderlust, so if a travel bug bites you, don’t miss this place. Consider starting your journey with the capital city Addis Abada, and you’ll be stunned to know that it is perhaps the birthplace of coffee. Besides coffee, you can shop at vibrant boutiques, explore cultural art galleries, and end your day witnessing sun-set at Mount Entoto. Now that calls for hiking!

After that, explore the marvelous stone-cut churches of Lalibela, hop on the bus to Harar, to take a close look at hyenas, and feed them as well if you are gutsy. You could even trek along the side of salt-lakes at the Danakil Depression riding on camels, now isn’t that quite an itinerary?

Get the adventure junky inside of you fed well with an Ethiopian trip.


If you are one of those wanderers who look for off the grid places, Vanuatu should be on your bucket list. It’s a small island with less than 300 000 residents. Vanuatu lies in the South Pacific Ocean, with the Solomon Islands and Fiji in the neighborhood. Can you reckon to visit 80 islands, all located in a single country? Well, yes, this country has a lot to offer you. Don’t forget to be a part of the Melanesian Arts and Culture Festival in July; the native people showcase their local dance-forms; a thrilling visit to Espiritu Santo-the country’s main island, and lounging at Champagne Beach. You will be thrilled to know that Vanuatu alone has nine active volcanoes, out of which 7 are under-water.

This place is an instant hit with adventurers as they get an opportunity to explore lagoons and hidden waterfalls. Visiting villages and meeting the indigenous tribes is also a real treat to all the senses.


Snow-white glaciers, deserts, thrilling volcanoes, and wines-with all of this, shouldn’t Chilly be on your top-list? It’s a small country located on the western edge of South America. Known for its Villarrica Volcano and Torres del Paine National Park, this country has more to offer. Especially to sky lovers’ exciting activities as you’ll find several ski resorts here, and trekking through Patagonia is another adrenal gushing attraction. A winery tour is a must as the country is known for some of the world’s best wines.

Myanmar (Burma)

Myanmar has always been overshadowed by its neighboring countries China and Thailand. The country is known for pagodas. Shwedagon Pagoda in the capital city Yangon must visit and must treat yourself with Mohinga: the local delicacy. Your trip to Myanmar is not satisfying if you have not visited its temples in hot air balloons over Bagan or have not seen the Buddha statue at Saddan Cave. You shouldn’t miss Myeik Archipelago as well.


If you can bear up with dipping temperatures, isolation, total silence, and no night-markets, why not consider Antarctica. Only brave-hearts can embrace this place’s beauty and, of course, meeting its locals’ none other than the cute little pack of penguins.

You can only visit Antarctica through a tour company, and your journey will begin from Argentina. You can see science research stations here, camping, whale-watching, skiing are the key activities to do on a snow capped land like this. Port Lockroy, a research station, is worth visiting.


So what are you waiting for? If you haven’t stepped into one of these places, you should plan for one soon. These offbeat travel destinations are certainly underrated but will offer you more than what you expected.