Can Kamala Harris be the first female President of the United States?

Biden-Harris Presidency

President-elect Joe Biden took over the trump presidency by becoming the 46th president of the United States of America, making history by securing the most popular votes, being the oldest (78 years old) President, while also being one of the youngest senators of his time. The Biden-Harris Presidency also made history when Kamala Harris took oath as the first woman black and south Asian vice-president of the United States, pride for all.

Biden, will age preside over his Presidency?

Being 78 years old has its toll. A President’s job is rather exhausting and stressful, who also has the keys to the most destructive weapon on this planet,i.e., a nuclear weapon. The President’s health is an important aspect, as the commander in chief’s health is directly related to the health of the country. If the POTUS is unhealthy, then the country will be in chaos; stocks might get affected, and riots start triggering as America lies on the thread of racial tolerance, which will put America on a destructive path. According to the medical reports released by Dr. Kevin O’Connor, The POTUS’s health seems to be far good, considering him to be 78 years old. Dr. Kevin O’Connor endorsed Biden to be fit and healthy to run the Presidents office. President Biden’s medical history includes treatment of brain aneurysms (at the age of 46), gall bladder removal surgery (at the age of 49), multiple sinus surgeries, and removing non-melanoma skin cancer. He had also been diagnosed for his arhythmic heartbeats which in medical terms is called atrial fibrillation. Biden’s medication includes blood-thinners, acid-reflux controls, medicines for allergies, and cholesterol control. Despite his medical conditions, he seems to be in good health and exercises well. The reports released by the American Federation of Aging suggests that Biden has a 79% chance of living through the first term, and if elected for the second term, he has a chance of 70%, which is reasonable considering the odds.

Chances of Invoking the 25th Amendment.

According to the 25th Amendment, when the President is unfit to take up his role or dies or has been impeached due to unfair practices, the Vice-President takes up the President’s role and can fill the vacant position of the Vice-president. In simpler terms, if the events above occur with Joe Biden, Kamala Harris will become the President. She will have the authority of her position to fill the vacant position of the Vice-President’s office. Here, there is a 29% chance of the President not surviving the first term and even lower for the second term as per the American Federation of Aging. Thus, the likelihood seems that there is, on average 30% chance for Kamala Harris to become the first woman president of American if the 25th Amendment is invoked. But would Kamala be satisfied making history being a circumstantial President? “Well, it’s for sure that the Lady has planned some stuff.”

How much of Joe’s victory did Kamala Harris contribute?

Vice-President Kamala Harris had successfully secured almost 90% votes of the Black African woman. She had also been acknowledged by Taylor Swift, which was the critical move to get votes from white Americans. Kamala Harris being the then-senator of the State of California, had an upper-hand, as California is the home for many celebrities, and endorsements from many led her to the white-house, as celebs appealed to their fans. The Black Lives Matter movement also stirred voters in favor of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Many have endorsed Kamala Harris for her hardworking character, love for the country, and strong, commanding voice, which gets things done. In her favor, voters were mainly feminists crushing the patriarchy, and her win is not the end as she said, many women and young girls being inspired by her to take up higher roles. Kamal Harris makes the right candidate and a good human being. America is at the brink of racial tension, and the Biden-Harris Presidency is here to heal and unify the country.

Circumstantial President or the 2024 nomination for Presidency.

A committed workaholic, and a career-oriented candidate like Kamala Harris, would want to reach great heights with hard work and perseverance. In a hypothetical scenario, if Joe Biden chooses to resign from the President’s office, Kamala Harris becomes the President by hierarchy. Democrats have been known to make history, for instance, first black President, first black, south-Asian woman president, and the first woman speaker of Representatives. It won’t come as a surprise if Joe Biden resigns Presidency to give American her first woman President deliberately. While the probability of this is high, Kamal Harris’s qualities wouldn’t accept this. She would want to win fair and square and not look into the loopholes. If Joe Biden chooses not to run for the 2024 election, one thing is for sure Kamala is on the ticket. Kamala Harris is literally a heartbeat away from making history again. Therefore, time will reveal as to when Kamala Harris will become the first female President? And not Can Kamala Harris become the first female President?

Likelihood of Kamala winning the 2024 election.

Joe Biden has signaled that he would not be running for a second term. While this is true, Kamala has a chance of getting nominated to run from the Democratic party. Kamala is currently the nation’s trending topic, and she has proven to be a fierce candidate against the Republicans. If Donald Trump runs for Presidency, it is evident that Kamala Harris will take the win. Kamala California Senate race data suggests that the majority of her voters were African American and woman. The American population data indicates that 50.52% of the population are women, and 13.4% of them are African American. Considering Kamala as the 2024 candidate for President, it is evident that she will take most of the lead. This data is mostly circumstantial and can change in the Biden Administration term. Therefore, there is a high possibility for a Harris White House and giving America it’s “First Gentleman.”

Kamala’s stand for Key issues.

Kamala Harris’s stand on controversial topics is crystal clear as she speaks head-on about it. The legalization of Marijuana on a national scale and been deeply favored by her but opposed by Biden. She also called herself a cop and has always favored the cops even if the opposition party has proven non-guilty. While in office as the district attorney of San Francisco, she is all in for the death penalty. She talked about the reformation of law-enforcement after the brutal death of George Floyd, which polls suggest favored on her side.

Furthermore, she spoke about relying on science to make America sustainable, fighting Environmental issues. These fundamental issues might give her an upper hand in targeting the young generation. It is uncertain now, but America’s future is bright, and she might soon get her first Madam President and the First Gentleman of America.