Corporate America’s expectations from Joe Biden

America is a vast country with two continents i.e. South America and North America. It is one of the richest countries in the world. There has been a long presidency rule beginning with George Washington who became the first President of the United States. The list consists of 46 on the roll including Joe Biden who was elected recently. If you look at the previous data almost 90% of them were lawyers. Few had a military background, some were governors or senators. Presidents like Bill Clinton and Barack Obama worked as professors at a university. A couple of them were party leaders and few ordained priests. But Franklin D. Roosevelt was the one who served the nation for two terms. All these individuals came up with excellent economic plans and policies to add a pace to the development of the nation and a motive to give the citizens a better life. They executed policies to tackle various issues related to health care, education, taxes, and climatic variations. There are some traits and qualities that the Americans hunger for to be in their country’s leader –

  1. Authenticity:- The first thing that Americans long for is a person/leader who is authentic, which means that all his words, actions, and thoughts are aligned. A leader who desires perfect goals to achieve through a genuine approach.
  2. Visionary:- Americans wish to have a leader who has the ability to retain the past and uses it to accomplish the present task more innovatively. One who is creative and can understand the basic Constitutional principles. He moves ahead with his vision to make the nation a better place to live.
  3. Emotionally Strong:- A leader who is intellectually strong, vulnerable, and emotional. One who can convey his heartfelt concerns, stays calm and strong in terms of information, desire and data. The long-gone era doesn’t stop him from embracing Americans despite divisions and segments. He comes up with new ideas to solve problems for betterment.
  4. Transparent and Open-Minded:- The US president should set behavior standards for themself and the government as well. While communicating with the public they should maintain transparency and openness. A leader should set high goals to achieve beyond norms and never follow the rules and laws made by others blindly.
  5. Idealist:- Americans hunger for a leader who is a combination of realist and idealist with regard to foreign policy. A person as a leader should operate with a realistic approach to convey ideas like human rights, democracy, tolerance, security, and deep-rooted policies across the globe.
  6. Accountable and Responsible:- A leader who delegates and practices accountability in terms of management and leadership. Delegation is a virtue that encourages creativity and responsiveness, affecting accountability directly. It should be conducted both ways outward and inward-like a two-way street. In a democratic country decisions can’t be forced, the public should also be involved in the circle.
  7. Good Entrepreneur:- Americans want a leader who is good at the entrepreneurship and approaches the government with a modern mindset. The service delivered by him should be community-based. The old models don’t fit big government solutions hence he should adopt the social innovation movement to recast government across the nation. According to the Americans, a leader should learn and use the latest ways to deal with corporate issues.
  8. Close To MainStream:- A leader in the views of Americans should draw a firm line between Wall Street influences and their office which means that one who not only talks about uplifting the middle class but also executes policies to accomplish this mission. They need a leader who goes with the mainstream and takes the liability to implement policies for  social development.

Expectations From Joe Biden:- After winning the elections, Joe Biden is facing high expectations from the US community. The science community is looking at him to find scientific ways to combat covid-19. He is expected to redo the policies executed by the former president Donald Trump. Now because he has everything in control such as the party, senate, and courts, the progress of science will never be hampered. He’ll be able to pursue science-related actions and accomplish them as early as possible. Here are some expectations that the Americans demand:-

  1. Combat the Pandemic (Covid-19):- The presidential campaign made by Biden high lighted the ways to fight the pandemic. He has promised to check and control the misinformation and political drama coming from the health agencies and Oval office. This has helped decrease confusion and discrimination.  As per the demand of the Americans, he rejoined WHO and made efforts to raise funds for pandemic issues. By holding meetings he has put the public health leaders and scientists in the front row to perform their duties without fear or public disparagement. He is working hard with the local officials and governors to encourage people for keeping social distance and using masks. He is also looking forward to finding new treatments and vaccines to arrive fast.His encouragement and coordination tactics have definitely helped repair the damage done.
  2. Change the Course of Foreign Policy:- A president plays an important role in deciding how to interact with other nations. When we talk of Joe Biden the research group hopes that he will deal with several fronts aggressively. According to few scholars, their nation should re-engage with Iran to start the nuclear deal again, which was withdrawn by Trump previously. Biden says that if Iran returns with a good deal than he has plans for Teheran to offer and revive the nuclear weapon production.
  3. Establishing Rules For US Research:- Under Trump’s presidency the law enforcement agencies, the National Institute of Health, and many others  interfered scientists’ investigations affecting the funding ties to institutions that led to civil, criminal and administrative punishments. Mostly the cases were related to the researchers who were either born there or had links with other institutions. According to the critics, this activity hindered the recruitment of foreign talents. Therefore now it is expected that Biden will definitely ease the tension and establish rules for US researchers in times of Covid-19. It is also expected that he will remove the restriction laid on immigration, student visas, and other efficient works.
  4. Spending More:- A lot of federal spending is required for keeping the economy going during the pandemic. Biden has plans to convince lawmakers to approve spending initiatives. To recover from the pandemic a lot of money is required by the research groups and universities. Hence Biden is likely to propose high tax rates on the wealthy to raise funds. The budget experts have warned that the economy will not revive until there is a growth in tax revenues, and federal government. So in order to keep the economy afloat, he has to go big on spending.
  5. Revive Scientific Workforce:- It has been reported that researchers felt neglected and insulted under Trump’s presidency. Many of them left their jobs at the science agencies because there was a nosedive in job satisfaction. Biden has promised to replace Trump’s appointees with fraudulent credentials through a house cleaning policy. He is likely to raise the profile of science and revive the morale of such scientists. No doubt to regain expertise lost during Trump’s administration will be time-consuming. By strengthening the current policies Biden is able to stop political interference among researchers. This is how he is expected to revive the scientific workforce to combat COVID-19.

Conclusion:- Americans have suffered a lot during the presidency of Donald Trump and so they chose Joe Biden as their 46 president. They noticed that even working as a Vice President Biden practiced realistic approach. After becoming the president he promised to offer more than what was expected. In his election campaigns, he made Americans aware of his plans, policies, and agendas to overcome all the federal issues. He promised to deliver the best services with new and innovative ideas and never compromise with wrong policies that affected the US economy.