Does laughing improve your health?

We often ignore the benefits of a good laugh. Not only does a good laugh bring people together and enhance the mood, but it also has a lot of health benefits. We have often heard that laughing is the simplest and most effective medicine for a person.

How can a simple task such as a laugh have benefits? How can laughing save you from stress and anxiety? How can it improve your health? Well, to know about the answers to all these questions, you have to refer to the well-defined opinion of how laughing affects your health.

Benefits of laughter

Nothing in this world can work faster than a good laugh. A person who is under a lot of stress can benefit a lot from just good laughter. Laughter is a very underrated thing whose benefits are ignored by many. Not only does laughter help mentally, but it also has an impact socially and physically on an individual. A good laugh can relieve you from stress and lighten the burden. It also brings a balance to your mind and body. It helps you to stay alert and also increases focus.

Let’s move to a more detailed explanation of all the three ways laughter benefits an individual.

Mental Health Benefits

If someone makes you laugh today, be thankful to them. It turns out that they have done a favor for you. We can gain a lot from just a minute of laughing or smiling.

When you laugh, the natural chemical endorphins are released, which helps in relieving stress and promoting well-being. All that has happened throughout the year, many people have suffered from anxiety and depression, and it was because of the pressure that we were going through. A good laugh in one of those days had felt phenomenal.

Laughing is like a distraction; whenever someone is tense or worried, laughter can help ignore the situation for a while. This can help you get some time for yourself and to think about the situation for some time.

The other benefit of laughing is that it decreases anger. If you are in a situation where you disagree with things, searching for humor will help bring down the heat and bring a more cool atmosphere, which helps in fewer fights and decreases the anger ultimately.

A good laugh can ease all your negative feelings, and it can help decrease grief and help you get over it. Along with all the other points, laughter helps you to look at things from different perspectives. When a person is in a lousy mood, they tend to look at a situation negatively, leading to stress and anger later on. A good laugh may turn this situation around.

Social Benefits

Laughter helps you to look at things differently and also manages your relations if you laugh half if your troubles are over at that moment. Laughter helps you to forget doubts or criticism if you have it for anyone close to you. The fear of holding back and sitting aside changes, and it gives you more of an extroverted feel at that moment, and you socialize more when you are happy. Being happy improves relationships as one expresses more things when pleased.

Sharing things is on one side, but sharing laughter takes a relationship to another level; the bond grows stronger.

Physical Health benefits

Laughing is an exercise which does not take a lot of effort. From boosting the immune system to increasing endorphins in your brain, laughter is a full-proof package.

When someone laughs, they take in more oxygen-rich air, which stimulates the organs such as the lungs and heart. Whenever you stress about something, the body is a bit tense, and it feels like it is stuck. A good laugh can help you loosen the muscles and help in relaxing them.

It is also beneficial for your cardiovascular health. When you laugh, you increase the amount of oxygen in your blood and your heart rate, improving your health. Due to this reason, people who laugh a lot have fewer chances of heart attacks.

Negative thoughts may often have a harmful chemical reaction, which weakens the immune system, and you are more likely to get sick. And when you laugh, you are adopting a more positive outlook, which will release antibodies which can fight against the infections.

If you are a person who has high blood pressure, laughing can be the best medicine for you. Laughing is said to lower blood pressure as it produces endorphins, which help in reducing blood pressure. A widespread side effect of stress is weight gain. Most of the population suffer from obesity due to stress, and in such cases, it is difficult to control it at that moment. Laughing may not only reduce the stress hormones but would also help in burning calories.

How to ensure your laughter?

With all the situations going on around you, it will seem difficult to laugh at times. You would not even notice it, but there are times people do not laugh for over a day.

To ensure that you laugh once in a while, follow meme pages or any account that is hilarious and will make you laugh. There are many such accounts on Instagram and Pinterest. Spend time with your friends or if you have a pet. Play with them often so that you may be able to forget the worries for some time. Listen to a funny podcast or follow laughter Yoga. Laughter yoga has helped many people to feel stress-free. It is a habit that most people should include in their routine.

Watch YouTube videos or meet up with your friend, go out more often, and try to change your environment slightly if it seems depressed or unhappy.


The Bottom line

There is nothing other than laughter, which has worked wonders on people and is free. Most of the time, people have to face many things, and they forget to laugh and cherish those moments. Laughing may be underrated, but it is the best medicine for an individuals’ well-being.