How Joe Biden plans to battle Coronavirus pandemic

Joe Biden was sworn in as the 46th president of the United States on 20th January this year. This commenced the four-year term of Biden as President and Kamala Harris as vice president.

In their campaign, the Biden Government promised to tackle the coronavirus pandemic’s ongoing major crisis most effectively and professionally. For this, they had a clear-cut seven-point plan to defeat COVID-19 and to bring back the country on course.

The seven-point plan which he promised in his campaign are as follows:

  1. Straighten up Trump’s testing and tracing fiasco so that there are better arrangements for all Americans for free testing in a systematic way that is regular and reliable
  • For this, the Biden Government has planned to double the number of testing sites;
  • Invest in upgraded technologies for testing, including home tests and instant tests, so that the testing capacity is increased manifold.
  • Create a Pandemic Testing Board for producing and distributing millions of test kits.
  1. Fixing personal protective equipment (PPE) production and supply problems
  • The government would use the Defense Production Act to spike up critical supplies like masks, face shields, and other personal protective equipment.
  • This would ensure the country to be self-reliant in times of crisis.
  1. Provide evidence-based national guidance and resources to communities to work their way through this Pandemic

Social distancing will be used as the dial and not as a light switch. When the CDC gives direction according to the evidence gathered, the dial can be turned up or down in coherence with the level of viral spread in a community. This will guide the schools, businesses, restaurants, and bars regarding when to open and close, what precautions to be taken, the appropriate size of gatherings, and when to issue stay-at-home restrictions.

  1. Plan for empirical and unbiased distribution of vaccines and treatments
  • There is no point in discovering the vaccine if it cannot reach the population effectively and equitably. Plans are to invest $25 billion to ramp up vaccine manufacture and distribution, which will ensure that every American gets it for free.
  • He also promised that politics should play no role in deciding the safety and efficacy of any vaccine. He put forward the following three guiding principles: scientists should be at the helm to make decisions concerning the vaccines’ safety and effectiveness and publicly issue clinical data for any vaccine that the FDA approves. Authorize professionals to write a written report for public review and allow them to speak publicly and uncensored before Congress.
  • Ensure that everyone, regardless of their wealth or connections, receives the care and protection they are worthy of. And to take care of price gouging when new medicine and treatments come to the market.
  1. Protect the vulnerable and the older population 

Joe Biden realizes that Trump’s failed efforts to combat coronavirus has put the more aged and vulnerable population at even higher risk.

  • Vice president Harris had proposed a COVID-19 Racial and Ethnic Disparities Task Force. This would be established to provide advice and inspection on discrepancies in public health and economic response. Set up the Nationwide Pandemic Dashboard to check in real-time the local transmission level actively happening in their area. This kind of real-time information is imperative in helping people understand the precautions they need to take, especially people at high risk and older Americans.
  • He also has made it clear in his earlier plans how his government would make decisive and practical arrangements for older Americans, disabled people, and others at high risk of getting infected. The government would also help people in obtaining health insurance coverage against the coronavirus.
  1. Re-establish and enlarge the defenses that Trump had eliminated to predict, prevent and alleviate pandemic menaces

Reinstate the White House National Security Council Directorate for Global Health Security and Biodefense, which was earlier created by the Obama Biden Government but dismantled by the Trump Administration in 2018.

  • Strengthen the relationship with the World Health Organization, which is crucial in coordinating a global relationship during a pandemic.
  • Re-establish and strengthen PREDICT: a U.S.Agency disintegrated by Trump to track pathogens.
  • Expanding CDCs positioned disease detectives to observe the events occurring on the ground level. This includes reconstructing the office in Beijing, which was reduced to nil under the Donald Trump regime.
  1. Execute Nationwide Mask Mandates by collaborating with governors and mayors and encouraging the native population to do what they are best at: step up in a crisis time
  • The experts believe that if 95% of Americans wear masks, thousands of lives can be saved. So every American should wear masks when they are in public places.
  • All the governors should make masks mandatory in their state.
  • Local authorities should also make the same mandatory to support the state directives.

And as promised, Joe Biden launched a comprehensive federal plan to slow down the havoc of the COVID-19 Pandemic just a day after he was sworn-in as the President.

Making the Best Use of Defense Production Act

To expedite the production and supply of vaccines and PPE kits, the President has plans to exercise the right to maximize critical supplies’ as nitrile gloves, testing kits, isolation gowns, vaccines, and N95 masks manufacturing in the nation’s collective interest. The Cold War-era act provides for these powers for the Presidents in charge.

Increasing Funding to States 

Biden is expected to direct the Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) to increase the funding from 75% to 100% to all the states. The directives include the 100 percent restoration of the reimbursement for the cost incurred on schools’ safe reopening and other safety protocols. This will be paid through the FEMA Disaster Relief Fund.

Faster Mass Vaccination Plan

One hundred million shots before Biden’s first 100 days of holding office is an aggressive target to achieve. Nevertheless, Biden and the team are all set to fight against COVID. Fema will set up 100 centers by next month for community vaccination. Additionally, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) will launch a Federal Pharmacy Program to distribute vaccines in nearby pharmacies.

Aggressive Testing, Especially in schools

Establishing a COVID-19 testing board is on the cards. This will support the healthcare workers with increased access to testing kits. President Biden’s directives also include expanding the public health workforce for screening in schools to provide testing access to the color communities.

Safe Reopening of Schools and Increase Broadband Access

The safe reopening of schools and other educational institutions is a topmost priority for the President. He has directed the Departments of Education and Health and Human Services to form safety protocols and guidelines. Biden will also issue orders to the Federal Communications Commission to resolve internet connectivity issues and maximize broadband access, mostly in remote areas.

Increase Medical Care

The government has committed to finding a new treatment for COVID and has been progressively working on improving the healthcare industry. The bandwidth of the health-care workforce is also expected to be increased soon.

Concluding Thoughts

COVID-19 has presented a threat to the nation and all related facilities in the society such as health, economic development, hygiene, cleanliness. The country needs strong leadership, administrative experience, and effectiveness. President Joe Biden has been concentrated entirely on the hazard that the coronavirus has brought. He immediately consulted with the country’s expert. He took the necessary measures to get the virus under control, provide quick relief to the families, and open businesses and schools in a secure environment. The government is taking care and providing services generously and patiently to the public.

Making sure of general health findings are notified by public health specialists—rebuilding confidence, overall goal, transparency, and responsibility to our administration. Taking responsibility to beat Covid-19 and get the country to the right track, the Joe Biden team has taken adequate measures, summed up below:

  • Consulting experts and taking corrective steps.
  • Fixing testing and tracing disasters.
  • Fix PPE problems
  • Provide guidance
  • Establishing renewable fund
  • Plan for effective distribution
  • Rebuild and expand the defenses.
  • Implement mask mandates
  • Protect senior citizens