Is Joe Biden young enough to lead a divided nation?

Older the age, wiser will be the men!

During the 2020 American elections, citizens chose Joe Biden as their new president, and some have exhaled in relief. At 78 years of age, Biden has given a tough fight to the former President Donald Trump and succeeded to become the 46th president of the United States. Also, the oldest person to reign the US presidency. Kamala Harris, 49th Vice president of the US, will even be coined in history for being the first-ever lady to hold this position.

Age is a susceptible question to Biden. He has often stated that he still visions himself as a young lad, one who was firm enough to be sworn into the Senate, during his first win in 1972. When he was 29, he became the youngest person to be ever elected to US States Senate.

Being one of the most acceptable candidates, he has been working on civil-right legislation, the Violence against Women Act, the Voting Rights Act renewal, and the Assault Weapons Ban, which has very much been a part of his ruling. With so much experience in politics and America, he is well aware of the history, the positives, and the negatives.

Let’s have a look at Biden’s contribution towards the better of United States.

  • He provided his service as a senator for 36 years and established himself as a leader who was always determinant in facing the most crucial domestic and international challenges.
  • Being a ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, he served for over 17 years.
  • Biden is also widely known for his work on criminal justice, the landmark 1994 Crime Act, and violence Acts such as the Violence Against Women Act.
  • Biden has served for 12 years as a chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and has played a vital role in structuring the United States’ foreign policy.
  • He has always been vocal against legislation issues associated with weapons, terrorism, mass destruction, nuclear war, and problems relating to the Middle East, Europe, and Southwest Asia.
  • As a strong figurehead, he has represented the United States to over 50 countries by traveling 1.2 million miles to date.
  • He has convened sessions, lead the way for inter-organizational and cross-agency efforts.
  • Also, collaborated with Congress and raised the standard of living of fellow middle-class Americans.
  • Biden has articulated sensitive issues regarding violence against women, reduced gun violence, and health-related topics such as cancer and its end.


Biden very well connects to the new era, which can be one of his bonuses. This generation has been aroused politically in response to Trump’s policies, and the citizens hold on to him as a critically acclaimed leader.

Over the past decade, the various scenarios point out an increasing difference of opinion between the Democrats and the Republicans on the grounds of social beliefs, racial discrimination, law implementation, economy, and international relations. This 2020 presidential election further underlined these differences in bold. Biden supporters and Trump supporters made believe that the dissimilarities are more than the policies or politics. Both, trump and Biden supporters had proclaimed that the other’s win would have a lasting consequence on the country. With the Covid-19 scenario, divisions have got firm over issues surrounding the US’s response to Covid-19, social distancing and masks, vaccines, and the list goes.

This ridge between the citizens has been elevated by the propaganda of partisan media, social media, historical and regional divides, which are very much rooted in the country. Over time, these result in societal tensions and give rise to different camps.

However, according to a poll conducted by Harvard University’s Institute of Politics, Young American youth were expected to vote in large numbers, increasing Biden’s Favorability. It is observed that Biden’s favorability had risen to over 13% since April 2020.

This change in mindset and interest in politics has been seeded into the young citizens because they perceive subjects that influence their day to day lives and understand how the ballot can change it. Being historic participation with the highest number of votes; it will make a difference in politics in years to come.

Although there has been a bridge between the Democrats and the Republicans, the bottom line remains the same. The citizens look for amendments and renewal of healthcare policies, economics, employment, and living standards. They look forward to reducing the racial tensions present in the society, equal opportunity for all genders, protecting civil rights and freedom of speech.

Biden is currently creating a resilient and sustainable economy that will put the United States in the forefront to achieve economy-wide net-zero emissions by 2050 and make millions of job opportunities with the right pay scale. He assures to protect the detreating healthcare system due to the neglect of the former president Trump during the Covid-19 crisis.

The four B’s- Biden’s Build Back Better plan emphasis ruling out public health care, economic and climatic crisis, and promises to have never caught flat-footed again. His main motto is to create jobs to build modern, sustainable infrastructure and deliver an unbiased clean energy future.


Biden plans to make a far-reaching investment in core areas, including:

Innovations- investments in clean energy technologies, negative emission technologies, next-generation building material, renewable hydrogens ensuring all these technologies originate in America.

Climate and environment- to create job opportunities in climate-smart agriculture, prevent local environmental damage, focus on traditional environment-friendly jobs such as agriculture and conservation, reclaim abandoned oil, coal, mines, and provide a choice to join the union under challenging times.

Environmental safety- aims to ensure environmental justice in building good pay-scale jobs for the ones left behind in the community and environment as a whole.

Infrastructure and buildings- focus on rebuilding America’s degenerating roads, buildings, water system, power supply, and broadband facilities. And stimulate the construction of 1.5 million sustainable homes and housing units.

Auto-industry- Biden promises to create over one million jobs in the automobile sector. He aspires to build the manufacturing and processing industries and to smoothen the marketing flow.

Take home message

Though Biden might be a bit generous for his age, he has a future for the United States. Right from fundamental human rights to the environment, he ensures to set policies to better the citizens and the country. Making the United States stand at the forefront and win the race in every aspect of development is his plan. Though the country is experiencing a harsh environment due to the division between its people, Biden indeed stays determinant in improving his country’s situation. Though we can never predict the future, experiences from the past give us hope and a sigh of relief.