Technoblade, Minecraft YouTuber watched by millions, dead at 23

Minecraft YouTuber, Technoblade has died at the age of 23 after a year-long battle with cancer, announced his family on Friday.

In a YouTube video entitled “so long nerds,” the content creator’s father shared a final message from his son with his subscribers.

“Hello everyone, Technoblade here,” the message began. “If you’re watching this. I am dead.”

In the video, Technoblade, who has kept his identity a secret, unveiled that his real name was Alex. He also expressed his gratitude to his fans for supporting his content, buying merchandise, and channel memberships and joked that his siblings “are going to college.”


“If I had another hundred lives, I think I would choose to be Technoblade again every single time, as those were the happiest years of my life. I hope you guys enjoyed my content and that I made some of you laugh and I hope you all go on to live long, prosperous and happy lives.”

In just under a decade, Technoblade had nearly 11 million YouTube subscribers and 3.7 million Twitter followers as he shared his passion for Minecraft, a videogame where users can build virtual worlds out of blocks and create their own storylines. He went public with his cancer diagnosis back in August 2021, telling his followers during a video of himself playing the game that he sought medical help after experiencing pain in his arm that he initially believed was repetitive stress injury from gaming.

As per his father, Technoblade wrote his final message approximately eight hours before he died. Holding back tears, Technoblade’s father described his son as “the most amazing kid” anyone could ever ask for, adding: “I miss Technoblade.”