Top 5 Hollywood stars in their 50’s active on Instagram

The world is driven by technology today, right from brands to celebrities, everyone seems to have a prominent presence on social media. Instagram is one such platform and a breeding ground for leveraging popularity. For years Paparazzi have been making money by selling stunning pictures of the Hollywood stars, but now Instagram allows all the stars to be their own Paparazzi. They can post pictures and let their fans sneak into their lives. While some celebs have chosen to stay away from social media, others have embraced IG and are very active on Insta. Young actors and tv stars dominate Instagram, but many celebrities over 50 also use the platform to interact with their fans very often.

Given below is a list of top 5 celebs in their 50’s who are most active on Instagram:

  1. Will Smith

Willard Caroll Smith Jr., the aka Will Smith, is a world-famous American actor, rapper, and producer. The Academy and Grammy award winner Smith bowled over the fans with his outstanding acting skills showcased in The Pursuit of Happyness, Seven Pounds; I am Legend, Bad Boys for Life, etc. The 52 years old actor is pretty active on IG and has shared 1076 photos of him so far with 51.2 million followers.

  1. Jennifer Lopez

Janifer Lopez is a tremendous actress and most loved by her fans on Instagram. As she posts details of the most notable events of her life, her fans mightily wait for her every post. She deliberately posts her videos, whether they are of her BTS, her performance, her footwear launches, etc., But she ensures that her videos should be happening.

Body positivity post 

The post by Jenifer Lopez got immediately like on Instagram and became a hot topic on social media. ‘Relaxed and Recharged’ was the post’s caption and well defined about her positivity, and she was recharged well.

When Alex proposed to JLo. 

Janifer’s post on Instagram was a big hit; it was about her relationship with Alex Rodriguez. This couple took a step ahead in their relationship. It made her fans and followers happy.

Goldie Hawn

Goldie Hawn is an Oscar-winning actress and active on Instagram. She is known to animal lovers and, besides this, advocate for children’s rights. Amazingly 75 aged actresses actively participated in Instagram and followed by 2.8 million followers. She posted a picture with a cute little labrador puppy holding Roy Hawn Russell; she named it. Goldie Hawn is one of the celebrities who post funny and healthy events. Goldie Hawn, a limitless entertainer she shows weird photos that make you laugh or smile on your face through her posts on Instagram.

A girl’s gotta do what a girl must do

She is a fantabulous actress who entertains the world for decades. Her Instagram account is filled with full energy; you cannot stop laughing after taking a glance at a weird post. She posted a picture of her putting on a facemask on her face was all about how strange it looks like after having it.

  1. Robert Downey

The iron-man fame American actor Robert Downey is also a producer and is known for Sherlock Homes beside his block-busters series of avengers. Robert has a fan following of about 48.3 million on Insta and has shared 376 photos.

  1. Gwyneth Paltrow, Actress

Daughter of Director Bruce Paltrow and the late actress Blythe Danner- Gwyneth Paltrow is an American actress, author, and businesswoman. This academy award-winning actress is known for her rock-solid performances in Shakespeare in Love, Iron-Man, Seven, Emma, The Perfect Murder, and Sliding Doors. She was married to Cold Play’s Chris Martin but later got separated. The actress was also known for her singing skills in her teens and featured in Country strong, and Glee. Paltrow has about 3.7 million followers and shared around 350 photos on Instagram.

Some other popular celebrities with a prominent presence on Instagram are:

Tom Hanks, Actor

Thomas Jeffrey Hanks, popularly known as Tom Hanks, an Oscar-winning American actor, director, and comedian, is known for his intense and comic roles. Hanks is one of the most famous and versatile actors who is known worldwide for his fine acting skills and is considered the icon of American culture. His Saving Private Ryan, Cast Away, Forrest Gump, and Captain Phillips won many accolades and hearts. However, the actor joined IG late but is quickly gaining popularity. He has posted over 100 pictures and has 3.5 plus million followers.

Cameron Diaz, Actress 

Author, producer, model, this American actress has been known for her comedic roles for the last 20 years. Cameron’s award-winning performances in There’s Something About Mary, Bad Teacher, Shrek, and What Happens in Vegas mesmerized everyone. The actress is new to Instagram and has shared just 100 photos of her so far, but still, she’s managed to garner over 5.0 million followers given her popularity.

Drew Barrymore, actress 

Granddaughter of John Barrymore, the American actress, producer, director, entrepreneur, host of many talk-shows, has been brought up in the family of actors and is known since childhood for her commendable roles in the ET Altered States. The Charlie’s Angels fame actress has again stolen many hearts with her presence on IG. The actress has shared over 100 photos and has a fan following of over 1.4 million.

Chris Pratt, Actor

Chris Pratt is the greatest comedian in Hollywood, recreation, and Andy Dwyer is his acting journey’s milestones. He became a great actor after performing the lead role in Jurassic Park and Guardians of the Galaxy. Over 14 million followers follow him. You can see funny posts often through his Instagram official handler. Millions of people love him given his sense of humour, his charm in public, and his love for everyone through his roles.

Chloe Moretz

Kickass fame Chloe Moretz is an American movie star popularly known as ‘Hit-Girl.’ One of the most active Hollywood actresses who are active on Instagram is Chloe. She takes a keen interest in sharing her life, constently shares artsy photos on Instagram, which she has captured enthusiastically and certainly worth following. Moretz has posted 2500 and more pictures and has thirteen million and more followers by now.

Kevin Hart

Kevin is one of the most famous comedians in Hollywood. The actor has given some of the best back-to-back comedy hits, including Ride Along, About Last Night, This is the End, and Think Like a Man is a big Instagram user. He is a massive user on Insta and has shared over 5,000 pictures, garnered over 55.0 million followers.

Reese Witherspoon

An American actress who has worked in comedy films, like Legally Blond and Sweet Home Alabama, and serious drama such as Walk The Line and Water for Elephants has a huge fan-following. She has been active on Instagram and serves followers with a glance into the off-screen life. She has posted 1100 and more photos and has 11 million followers.

Channing Tatum

He has altered some boy hunk looks and fantastic dancing skills into a leading Hollywood acting pursuit. He has shown acting and dancing skills in films like 21 Jump Street, Magic Mike, White House Down, and GI Joe. He is now one of the best performers and very active on Instagram, having posted seven hundred and more photos and has fifteen million followers.

Final Thoughts

You can follow all of the actors mentioned above on Instagram and sneak into their lives. You’ll be bowled over to see their age and remarkable work. Age is just a number, they say, and it comes true for all of these. They are not only popular on the box-office but are a hit on IG as well constantly.