Top Plastic surgeries went wrong of celebrities

Plastic surgery is a critical process and doesn’t always turn out the way people want it to, and that’s true for celebrities and the rest of us.

One of the great Hollywood celebrities is admitting to having work done. Film stars have long since been going under the needle and the knife in complete denial, whether it’s just a little punch of Botox or a more painful cosmetic procedure like facelift or breast implants. But as times change, many celebrities are opening up about their plastic surgery experiences, good and bad, like surgeries and cosmetic injectables.

Many celebrities have done their fair share of time in plastic surgeries to maintain a youthful appearance. A little injection can often get away with, but after some time, they come out from under the knife with a face full of mistakes.

Top list of the worst plastic surgery results of all time:

  • Mickey Rourke:

To repair injuries he got while he was an amateur boxer in the 90s, Rourke had cosmetic work done to his face. But the results left him looking worse. He allegedly had a facelift and implants placed in his chin and cheekbones while having his broken nose fixed using ear cartilage. Rourke himself has said that the surgeries didn’t go so well.

  • Pete Burns:

The Dead Or Alive singer behind the popular hit “You Spin Me Round,” but the English singer looked so different in his late years than he did. Pete Burns revealed that he had nearly 300 cosmetic procedures after his first surgery, which didn’t turn out the way he wanted.

  • Heidi Montag:

Heidi Montag had a reported ten surgeries in a day, from having F cup breast augmentation to ears pinned back. A decade later, she admits that she didn’t think through how life-altering the process would be. In 2010, Heidi Montag underwent ten plastic surgery procedures in one day. One of the significant surgeries included in her was breast implants of F cup sized. Since she had her implants removed for more manageable C cups, Montag had admitted that she might have gone a little overboard when she went under the surgery procedure.

  • Donatella Versace:

Fans began to notice extreme changes in her appearance. Donatella has admitted in the past to having Botox injections with a heavily transformed face. The fashion icon has left her cheek, eyelids, and lips looking puffy and cartoon-like. Donatella Versace

In 2007, Donatella Versace attended a perfume launch and had gone through her fair share of plastic surgery. Since the 90s, Donatella’s most noticeable changes have been to her lips and nose, with her trademark swollen pout getting her a spot on nearly every list of plastic surgery fake over the past few years.

  • Katie Price:

Katie Price has gone through various plastic surgeries. Her breasts have changed from a B cup to a GG and reverted, and she has had three facelifts. She was all-natural when she began her modeling career back in ’95. After undergoing a series of surgeries, she shocked fans with her procedures also with pictures seeing Katie struggled to open her eyes post-operation.

  • Michael Jackson:

Michael Jackson- “The King of Pop” went through one of the most remarkable surgical transformations during his life. Jackson continued to get surgical enhancements and implants after having an initial rhinoplasty in ’79 because he broke his nose. One of the most notable changes to Jackson’s appearance was how much his skin lightened over time. He suffered from a skin condition called vitiligo, but people believed he was using skin bleaching lotion.

  • LaToya Jackson:

She had undergone various surgeries, including cheek and chin implants and getting the well-known signature family pointy nose. The Jackson siblings shared some of the plastic surgery procedures.

  • Kenny Rogers:

Famed songwriter and singer Kenny Rogers have entertained with his masculine voice. But Kenny ventured too much on excess plastic surgery. Kenny looks far too feminine and downright frightening sometimes, thanks to an aggressive eyelid cosmetic surgery. Kenny has also done a facelift, which was too tight.

  • Ray Liotta:

Ray Liotta typically portrays intense and psychopathic characters in his movies. But time has caught up with the famed actor as his face did much to carry him over the years. Ray has transformed from a physically and mentally tough persona to an old & unnatural one. But thankfully, he’s got the Hollywood’s best makeup crew to help Ray’s face get back to reality for his movie roles.

  • Lil’ Kim:

In 2016, fans were horrified and shocked when the rapper posted photos to her Instagram account. Kim had visibly had some cosmetic work done over the last decade, from a rhinoplasty or two to an eyelift. She previously denied having any job done on her body, but the evidence denied it.

  • Courteney Cox:

The “Friends” star said that all the injectable fillers had been dissolved that she had in her face. She said that she wants to look more natural, and she has all the fillers dissolved.

  • Wayne Newton:

Mr. Las Vegas also carry the title of “Mr. Plastic Surgery.” He had undergone multiple surgeries. The legendary Vegas performer is thought to have had a facelift, brow lift, botox injections, and a nose job.

  • Jere Burns:

Jere Burns worked in shows like Surviving Suburbia, Justified, Angie Tribeca, Good Morning Miami, which shows what happens when botox is applied too much. In the after photo, you can see zero muscle movement in the center of his forehead. However, on the sides above his eyes are more normal looking wrinkles that raise the eyebrows. He used so much botox that he can’t lift the inside half of his eyebrows. They’re deadened.

  • Jocelyn Wildenstein:

After she went through over $4 million worth of surgeries, she earned the nickname “the cat woman.” Jocelyn Wildenstein would be a celebrity poster child for worst plastic surgery. In 2008, the New York socialite underwent the surgery procedure for breast augmentation, facelifts, eyebrow lifts, and lip augmentation to achieve her unique look. In 2010, Wildenstein underwent reverse surgeries to tone down her face.

  • Sharon Osbourne:

She’s gone too far with synthetic surgery procedures. Osbourne has opened up about her various cosmetic procedures: a face and a leg lift, breast implants.

  • Carrot Top:

From comedian to pumped-up man, Carrot Top has transformed his appearance. Carrot Top has undergone lip plumping, eyebrow lift, laser peels, and botox injections.

Final Words:

Nowadays, it’s hard to find a completely natural body and face on the red carpet. It seems almost everyone in Hollywood has had a little work done with their bodies with varying degrees of success.