Voice commands you didn’t know about on your iPhone

This article is a brief tour into the world of iPhones know-how and some of its brilliant features and its use.

The article aims to enhance your understanding and knowledge into the technical details of Voice Command, Siri, Contour etc. and other works that you achieve with voice command making your lives easier, organised and simple.

Let’s Voice It Out

Every year with the advancing technology and the rise of the need for something new and the growing electronics industry, especially mobile industry with the increasing competition along with the scarcity of time, has given a significant boost to the social media platforms or, in other words, the virtual world, which has gradually developed or instead taken the place of the real society. Nowadays, people want everything to be real quick and at their fingertips. They want everything to be instant, fast, and immediate and to match these expectations. Apple is one of the most popular among the smartphone-making companies working very hard to satisfy their customers who are spread worldwide.

Carrying on the league of introducing something new every year, Apple has also come up with a major software update for your iPhone. IPhone works on iOS out there in the market; we can see tough competition between Android and iOS, but the fact is that both are well-loved and equally popular among the masses. iOS (formerly iPhone OS) is a mobile operating system created and developed by Apple Inc. just for its hardware. Since then, iOS has been a major part of the iPhone and even used in iPads and iPods. The latest version is the 14th iOS version designed by Apple. Of all the awe-inspiring features of the iPhone, the most popular among the masses is voice control.

Voice control is a user interface that allows hands-free operation of a digital device. It is a feature that doesn’t require any internet connection. Voice control is an aiding technology that is present in most of the mobile operating services. It is a customized feature that the users have to set to start going into their devices’ settings. This feature has been designed to assist Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, Cortana, and many more. Essential functions done by voice control are swipe right, Scroll down, turn up volume, mute sound, open app, go back, take a screenshot, rotate to landscape, make an emergency call. Voice control operates with the help of natural language processing and speech synthesis to provide aid to the user .Sometimes, you are allowed to even customize commands according to your choice.

 Let’s have a look at some of the features:- 

  • Enable voice commands (Siri) – Siri is a perfect assistant in today’s time when people want everything to happen quickly and on the go. Siri helps you make calls or send messages while you are busy driving, have your hands full, etc.; it can even read you out your messages and help you with a suggestion to stay in touch effortlessly. It even sets alarms, timers, and reminders. Keep a tab of your calendar etc. Siri can do this all without you ever having to pick up your device. It can even play music according to your choice, suggest you your music to, and tell you all the song’s details if you want to know. Siri can help you travel through your device with utmost ease faster than you can, from booking a cab to locating a file, an image, or anything that you require for.

Siri is getting smarter day by day, and you can even personalize Siri to make it even more helpful. It is entirely safe as it protects your data and everything in end-to-end encryption, which keeps a check on infiltrators, and even Apple can’t access your data. Activate Siri on your iPhone just say “Hey Siri,” and enjoy

  • Opening an app –  this is an elementary voice function available on all devices, which makes it easier for you to access through, and for this, you just need to press and hold the home key and just command “open” and then the “app name.”

You can do other things through voice control settings as well they are; you can personalize the various settings present under voice control. Somethings that you can adjust are:-

  1. Language – voice command uses the primary language that your device is set on.
  2. Customize commands– shows you the full list of available commands; it offers you to pick which command to switch on or off and create customized commands.
  3. Vocabulary – enhance your voice command’s vocabulary by teaching it new words every day for ease in future works.
  4. Show confirmation- Voice command helps you confirm stuff at the top of your screen when a command is recognized.
  5. Plays a sound – A sound effect is played when a command is recognized.
  6. Overlay– allows you to set a continuous on-screen overlay with numbers, names, or the grid.
  7. Attention aware– Switch On the device with face ID; this setting allows you to turn listening on or off based on whether or not you are looking at the screen this is helpful when you are using multiple devices with voice control


These are some of the exciting voice command features that you can play around with, the increasing demand of advancement has forced companies to innovate and come up with new features ever and again. Voice command is a perfect help along with its multiple features that will save you your time and help you in understanding your device and working along with it. So go ahead, explore and enjoy. Make a voice command with your new friend and have fun.