Ways to lose 10 kg in 1 month

Want to lose 10 kg in 1 month? Here we have two best ways to lose 10 kg within a month. We also give you the four best ways to help you lose weight even if you do not want to invest time in exercises. Think for a while, join a gym for weight loss or unnecessarily restrict your food. Of course, you will get to see the positive effects of it. But what once you stop going to the gym or cannot continue the diet plans? Will you afford it to see yourself struggling with obesity again? Many people do not get expected effects even after joining the gyms or cannot invest time in gymming sessions. We give you the best two way to lose your weight within a month. Also, permanent solutions to sustain your weight without exercise.

How and Why to Lose Weight?

Obesity is a global crisis. There is no corner in the world where weight loss is not an issue. Losing weight is something to lose unnecessary load from your body. Losing weight is not easy but not that difficult either. You might have heard of advertisements that guarantee you to lose weight within one month or offer weight loss supplements. Don’t let such people play with your health and wealth. Before turning to the solutions, you will need to know how and why we get additional weight. The most basic answer is extra calories, fats in diet or fewer exercises and more food consumption. Of course, you are right if you think in this way. But there are other factors too. We will have a look over how you may lose 10 kg in 1 month.

 How to Lose 10 kg in 1 Month? Two Best Ways:

Here we have two best ways to lose weight at least by 10 kg in a month as follows:

Gym Vs. Rapid Exercises:

Does it sound weird? You will say we do exercises in gym sessions, then what is it, Rapid Exercises? It sounds similar, but there is a difference between a gym session and rapid-exercises. A gym session is made for muscle building. If you ask any expert, then the answer will be that the gym is the bodybuilding science. To build your muscles, you need exercise, time, and nourishment. But the rapid-exercises are made up of sessions that include challenging activities like 100-meter run, duck-walk, skipping, jumping rope, etc., more stressful exercises than sophisticated gym exercises. You can try it yourself, run a 1000 meter track a day for a week. Then, run ten sprints of 100 meters a day for a week. You will find that the sprints are more useful. The sprints require the use of high energy, and your entire body vibrates to achieve that speed, strength to move fastly. Suppose you are not familiar with rapid exercises or finding any difficulty. You may try Cardio Exercises, including jumping, running, dancing, etc.

Avoid Unnecessary Elements like Sugar, Fast-Food:

For instant results, you shall be ready to avoid foods you like the most. High-calorie food is a hurdle in your journey to lose weight. The easy to cook, easy to digest foods will be best for losing weight. Your body gains protein, vitamins, minerals from what you consume and also stores carbohydrates. If you stop consuming high-calorie foods, then your body will be using carbs out of the storage. Likewise, avoiding sugar is the best of the best for anyone willing to lose weight. Sugar affects not only your weight gain process but also a hurdle to achieve a healthy lifestyle. You may use alternatives to sugar or transfer your dependency on jaggery.

These were the best ways to lose weight at least by 10 g in 1 month. How will it be? If we give you a permanent solution. We have four best ways to lose weight without exercise and sustain a lifestyle that will help you live a healthy life.

Lose Weight Without Excercise: Is It Possible?

Yes. Gladly it is possible but requires dedication and consistency. Firstly, you must know the cause behind your health imbalance. Most of the time, weight gaining is caused by external forces such as depression, unhealthy eating habits, lack of sleep, etc. You will see lack of physical exercise is the primary cause behind obesity. So, if you go to a gym every day, do a lot of activity, and you will lose weight. But the reality is different; many people struggle with obesity even after gym exercises. If you get weight loss through gym exercises and what if you need to stop going to the gym? Then, is it possible to lose weight without exercise? We have some tips for you.

Four Ways to Lose Weight Without Excercise:

We have four best ways for those who have no time to invest in gym sessions. These steps are the best of best to weight loss and sustain it for lifestyle.

Mental Harmony:

Your mental status decides what you are and what you will be. Mental disharmony generally reflects an unhealthy lifestyle. Mental harmony can be achived by stability and an enlightened feel in your lifestyle. Obesity or any health-related issue is directly or indirectly related to your mental health. For example, a drunkard drinks a lot even when he knows liquor is harmful to his body. Then, what happens with an individual with an obesity issue? Will he stop unhealthy practices because of health issues? It is seen that obesity has become a hurdle in the socio-economic status of an individual. Generally, people tend to lose weight to look fit and attractive. There is no harm in whatever the cause behind health cautiousness.

If you are mentally prepared, you do not need to keep yourself away from eating unhealthy fast food forcefully. You will have calmness in your nature. It will, of course, lead to tranquility instead of struggling against yourself.

Control Your Diet:

Controlling your diet is the ultimate solution to obesity. But it not that easy. Generally, people become phobic and strat unnecessary starving or eating less. It is not an option to eat less. Our body requires protein, vitamins, carbs, minerals, etc. If you jump on controlling your food, it will harm your body. Let’s make it easy; you need 3000 calories a day. And you start exempting some portion of your food that has a rich amount of protein. Don’t get stuck to calorie countings. Deficiency of other essential factors like vitamin will cause your body weakness. There are supplements available in the market, but you can become your caretaker than buying artificial food supplements. These supplementary companies advertise in a manner that presents their product over your problems. But the sufficient calories are needed with a balanced diet rich in other necessary elements.


Why is the world turning towards veganism? Veganism is just not related to compassionateness to other animals and stop eating meat. It is more related to our body system. You might have heard that chicken, meat, seafood, eggs are enriched with essential elements like protein and fat. Of course, there are. But there are vegetables with high essential elements. Vegetable food is capable of nourishing your body without consuming non-vegetarian foods.

Why are we saying so? Do you know what happens to the food we consume? You will be amazed to know that our body requires at least two days to get meat digested. Vegetables are easy to digest; most importantly, they do not emphasize your digestion system to get your food digested.

In case you consume pure, uncooked vegetables, they require comparatively less time. Your body will get a sufficient amount of proteins, calories, etc., by consuming meat. What is the use of such foods if it stresses your digestion system? You know that many adults struggle with digestion issues in old age. Why does it happen? It is just because of the consumption of foods that stresses our digestion system. Our digestion system generates acids to digest foods we consume, the more variety of food you intake, and it requires efforts to digest it. Vegetables are best for those willing to control their weight. Especially uncooked vegetables on your plate are beneficial.

More Liquids:

Liquids are best for those willing to control weight. Who doesn’t like fruit juice or milk-shake? There may be people who don’t. But most of us like having milk infused with bananas or other flavors. There are various factors related to liquid foods. Firstly the liquid form is suitable to be digested. Secondly, if you are continually consuming liquid foods, that will avoid unnecessary fats. Fruit juice instead of cookies or milk-shake instead of tea is the best substitute.

This article presented you with two best ways to lose weight by 10 kg in 1 month, including exercises and diet plans. Also, we introduced you four best ways to lose weight without exercise and sustain for lifestyle.