What did Joe Biden do on day one

Taking charge of the office on Wednesday, President Joe Biden went on a signing spree, taking hold and revoking a lot of policies of the predecessor Donald Trump.

The notable executive actions taken were regarding the current raging pandemic along with a wide range of issues ranging from climate change to the racial debate that is haunting American society right now.

Biden truly put action into his words. In his inaugural speech, he referred to the day to be a day of history and hope, and it truly was. Hours after leaving the dais and formally holding the reins of office, Biden took a total of 15 executive actions and two directives.

However, it would be rather appalling to credit this urgency as an attempt to rewrite the predecessor’s policies. Looking at the delicateness of the multiple situations that the country is facing at the same time, the competent call taken by the president is an intent to send out a strong message that he is here to give his best to make a better America.

On combating the pandemic

Though the vaccine is developed, medicine is still a far way. Hence, the restoration of the new normal is incomplete without the mask and social distancing. Though social distancing at 6 feet does limit you a lot in daily life, a mask provides a simple solution against all the hassle. More appropriately so, he has made it mandatory to wear a mask on federal property.

He also extended the federal eviction freeze to extend help to the people facing problems due to the falling economy through the end of March. He also plans to push the government to approve an economic relief plan which if implemented, will be a source of relief for thousands of students facing the brunt of the pandemic.

He also restored the National Security Council directorate for global health to its former functioning.

He also created a new federal office to have systemic combat against the pandemic at the national level.

He also expressed his intent to collaborate with the initiative undertaken by the WHO regarding the distribution of the vaccine in poor countries. This will prove to be a great relief in the present scenario where commercialization of the vaccine is feared.

On racism

Racism is a sensitive topic that has been plaguing society for ages. The recent outpour and demonstration have led to many clashes along with highlighting that how deeply rooted the evil is that we are fighting against.

Along with asking to review multiple policies that uphold systemic racism, Biden affirmed racial equity.

On environmental issues

He called to review the multiple executive decisions undertaken by the Trump government that is damaging to the environment. Notable decisions that went against the environmental policies were the scrapping of the clean power plant, revoking flood standards,..etc.

He also submitted a letter to rejoin the Paris climate agreement. It is a pro-environment agreement signed between many affluent countries in response to the alarming rise of environmental issues especially regarding the rise in the global temperature. A departure from the agreement by the most powerful economy has indeed been a setback to the cause which has been redeemed by Biden’s attempt to correct the ties.

On migrants

After the alarming take on the migrant population settled legally and illegally on the American soil by the previous republican government, Biden hopes to continue in line with the efforts of the Obama administration which sought to provide a legalized shelter to the scores of migrants who are stuck in the nowhere land. This law had been a source of hope for thousands of migrant children who would have faced deportation in otherwise circumstances.

Though it has faced strong opposition as well as disapproval from the republican senatorial committee who highlighted the general flaw of how this would ultimately be a bump for the netizens as they will have to face fierce competition for survival and growth on the career front.

He has also halted Trump’s grand envision of building a wall between the borders of America and Mexico. However, it is not expected to see an immediate relief to the asylum seekers at once, as the process will be tedious and time-consuming.

He also revoked the orders which exclude the non-Americans from the census.


The administration has still not cleared the steps regarding the upcoming negotiations on the Iran Nuclear Accord.

The restriction imposed on flyers, especially from many African and Muslim dominant countries has been ceased. Giving an immediate relief to many victims, Biden ordered the State to proceed with visa processing.

He also plans to take up measures to uphold the dignity of the members of the LGBTQ by laying out laws that protect them from discrimination, especially at the workplace like military services.

He also ordered all the employees of the federal to take the ethics pledge, enforcing his intent of upholding justice in the society.

He also revoked the patriotic education policy issued by the previous government.


Though many of his day one decisions might outrightly appear as anti-trump policies by restoring multiple policies of the Trump administration to its original stead. But this can be squashed as these were some of the decisions that were too non-humane especially regarding the migrant and the racism.

The Biden administration do hope to ‘meet climate crisis, build the economy, address the environmental issues and create jobs for the seekers.’