What to do when the taxes are increased in Joe Biden’s time

We as citizens are bound to follow specific rules and regulations that government establishes. Economic activities reflect people’s business, and in the short run, we must focus on the monetary policy that impacts more on the demand side. We get paid by the government, and we need to spend some amount back to the government in tax. It is better and comfortable to pay taxes now when one knows the rates. Bidens has proposed a bill to cut taxes for the lower and middle-class Americans, but at the same time, he would be raising the taxes of the high classes. He is very prominent regarding the taxation policy. He has introduced a $1.9 trillion pandemic relief bill to help the lower and the middle-class Americans to pay the taxes, and he will also incorporate higher taxes on the rich.

He is very rigid with his plans and will be moving forward fulfilling his pledge to roll back the former president trump. Biden’s objective ought to increase the tax rates by more than $2 trillion, and the tax policy center has approved this. He will be increasing the $3 trillion tax increment for the affluent class and less $1 for everyone else. These proposed changes to the estate tax would affect more and more people’s earnings. The wealthier will pay more tax now rather than risk an increase in prices later.

Some questions you need to pay attention to is “are my taxes going to change”? Bidens do not hide the fact that the people who earn more than $400,000 annually have to pay taxes.

How significant is Biden’s proposed tax increase?

If we look at both sides of the taxation policy on one side, the tax rates would be high, while on the other, it would cut off. If all the changes are included in one law, there would be an increase of the same size, according to the Tax Policy Center and treasure department data. By this, there would be revenue shared in the economy, and it would reach the levels it arrived at in the late 1990s. However, it would be the most significant tax increase, not the largest tax increase.

Which taxes are Bidens proposing to raise?

There are several incorporations and high classes whose income is more than $400,000 PA. so for the individuals, he plans to raise the top rate from 37% to 39%, he will also create new deduction limits and impose the 12% of social security payroll on wages of the people whose earning is more than 400,000.

Mr. Biden will also change the tax policy of the capital gain. They would be taxed at 39% instead of getting a preferential tax rate of 23.8%, which is for the household whose income is above $1 million. People will also pay income taxes on the unrealized gains, but currently, they can pass those assets for heirs.

How would this tax work on capital gains at death work?

Biden’s plan will allow the exclusion of $100,000 per individual, and the residence will not be included of $250,000. Suppose if a couple has no asset and has a house beyond $800,000, which they purchased for $100,000, they would owe nothing. On the other hand, a couple who has unrealized stock gains of $500,000 and has no assets would pay the tax on $300,000 of capital gains. The Obama plan also allows 15 years payment period for tax on liquid assets, and the families that own small businesses would appreciate improvements.

Will Biden’s tax plan affect households?

According to the rules of Biden’s tax policy, the tax would hit hard the ones having a high income.  The tax policy center has initiated that only the 1% of the households would see their income after tax, which is dropped by 16% In the coming years.

The middle class makes up around 20% of the households, and they would get the cut worth $1 after the deduction of tax.

Biden has promised that no household whose making less than $400,000 would be paying more tax. However, there are two important ways by which middle-class families can pay the tax. The first one is through the reinstatement of one’s compulsion to have health insurance. And then secondly, the increased corporate tax would affect the household’s income levels. The reason being that most of the burden is shared by the shareholders and by the workers when talking about the long run. So the ones who own the stocks are in trouble as the companies may raise wages less than they would.

There have been certain changes made to the tax code that would affect American families. This includes the child tax credit deduction and the necessary deduction.

Increasing bonus to saving for retirement-

Biden wanted to change the way te taxpayers contribute to a retirement plan. A traditional IRA will motivate the middle class and lower-income group to save more for the future. However, the current laws consider tax deduction from the earnings instead of the credits. Under the Bidens plan, the lower-income groups would get bigger tax cut-offs and just the opposite for the higher earners.

His rule is, every dollar you contribute will not be deducted, but instead of that, the dollar you donate, out of every dollar, 26 cents will be deposited in your retirement account. Yes, eventually, when you withdraw this money, it would be taxable. And this policy of the retirement savings account would benefit the ones who have traditional IRAs. It contributes more since the credits are always more precious than deductions.

It would assist the home buyers-

Biden’s policy will assist the first time home buyers, as they would get a $15000 tax credit. And this payment would initially help for the down payment instead of waiting for the tax returns. The government considers first-time homebuyers to those who have not purchased a home for the past three years.

It would help disabled and senior citizens-

The two groups that are the senior citizens and the disabled people, could benefit from Biden’s tax saving policy. For the disabled, the policy would be by providing increased tax credits to both, the one who employees such people and another is the family caregivers. He says that he would expand the plans for better achievements in life, as It would be advantageous for the people who are disabled to help them handle their expenses.

There have been several proposed tax changes which will aid senior-aged group people, and firstly the tax benefit would increase for eh ones who are having long term insurance and to those who are above the age 65 years which will claim their earned income

It would reverse trumps tax cut-

Biden is likely to succeed in changing trumps tax cut, as his tax plan would raise the tax rate income by 28%

and by also deducting some tax breaks for the ones who are making more than $1 million. As far as covid is around, it is estimated that the tax policy would increase by a smaller number, and the ones were earning more than $1 million will be paying for the health care and the infrastructure.


Biden’s policy is the one that can bring balance to the economy. We do not know whether the bills will go up or down or whether his victory withstands and challenge trumps administration policies. It all depends on Georgia’s people as if they would continue to vote in favor of Biden’s approach, or else the state would be split in 50-50 as that would permit Bidens to please trump with the tax law. However, this article clarifies that it depends on whether you’re from the higher income group or the middle class, or the lower-income group’s income scale. If it is former, you have to pay more, but if it is latter, then a cut will be coming your way.