Which celebrities are bound to marry in 2021?

With the corona pandemic bringing havoc in people’s lives, many people had to take a detour from their planning. One such major disappointment was many celebrities postponing their nuptials.

Many are changing the plans to accommodate the banquet size of their choice, while others having to give up because of travel restrictions imposed on the destination of their choice. Whatever be it, with 2021 kicking in and with rolling out of vaccines, the plans are being laid down again.

Listed below are some of the celebrities who plan to take their relationship one step ahead by tying a knot this year.

#1. Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez

Being in a steady relationship from 2017 and ushering the birth of their daughter, Ronaldo and Rodriguez are going stronger than ever. The couple had fueled engagement rumors when Rodriguez flaunted a massive ring on her finger in one of the posts back in June 2020. Though they denied it back then, they did assure the fans of it in the near future. Moreover, the fans are eagerly decoding the posts and believe that marriage may be in the cards for them. Well maybe! 2021 can be the D-year for them!

#2. Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez

Is there any other celebrity marriage we are interested in other than J.Lo and A-Rod? From following their timeline to eagerly waiting for their announcement, their wedding was hyped up till corona got in the way.

But now, since things are settling down a bit, it might not be long before we can see these two walking down the altar to get hitched.

#3. Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry

Their on and off relationship starting from 2016 has always been in the public eye. Be it the break rumors or the amicability between Katy and Miranda (Bloom’s ex); their relationship has blossomed amidst the spotlights.

Marriage was on the cards since 2019, when the couple had begun making plans. They were going to settle down for good March, but with corona and then followed by pregnancy, they postponed their wedding diaries. But with things looking good, we may look forward to 2021 for them to ring the bells.

#4. Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton

Following their engagement after dating for five years, the wedding is on the cards for this power couple.

Gwen had said she didn’t want the marriages to take place with concerns over the people’s safety. However, they also said that there is a high possibility for them to get hitched this year with corona mellowing down a little.

#5. Zayn Malik & Gigi Hadid

From the start of their relationship in 2015, they have been paparazzi favorites. In an on and off relationship since 2015, they have been going strong since they rekindled their romance since their last breakup.

They surprised the fans with pregnancy and are now with the baby being born; the couple is proud parents. Some tabloids report them to have secretly married, but with no sources to confirm, the rumors remain as such. But we do hope that they make it official this year!

#6. Liam Payne & Maya Henry

Another heartbreaker for the 1-D fandom, Liam had announced his commitment and loyalty to his girlfriend and model Maya by getting engaged last year.

Very much in love, the couple has denied rumors and want to take their own sweet time before settling down. But decoding their posts and the engagement ring have sparked fire about their impending wedding. Who knows, maybe 2021 will be the year when they’ll say ‘I do.’

#7. James Lafferty & Alexandra Park

Having kept most of their relationship under wraps and away from the public eye, the actor couple has made it official with a sweet post on Instagram with Alexandra flaunting her ring.

They are reported to have been together since 2018. Following the engagement, 2021 seems to be when they would put out the cards and ring them together.

#8. Adam DeVine & Chloe Bridges

The actor couple had made it official since 2015 and have been vocal about their fondness for each other.

With the proposal, they have put the wedding in the picture in the near future and hopefully in 2021. The cute couple has lots to say when it comes to their proposal, which was back in 2019. Sharing and being frequent visitors in each other’s dm, the couple is going strong.

#9. Jesse McCartney & Katie Peterson

After their beautiful relationship bloomed over the years, the couple had strong plans to take it to the next step with the wedding. But the pandemic and other reasons made them put the plans on hold. But the couple has confirmed the plans to get hitched this spring.

#10. Sarah Hyland & Wells Adams

Ditching the original day because of the pandemic, the couple has put on hold the official wedding. But this has not deterred them from having a small celebration on their own.

Considering the safety of family members and Sarah herself, the couple postponed their wedding diaries to a more appropriate and safer time. Let’s hope 2021 gives them the opportunity to celebrate their much-awaited plans.

So here are the top and most anticipated couples who are expected to get hitched this year. We hope we see at least a few of them ringing the bell and ringing the next year together as a married couple.