Who Is Kamala Harris? The Rise of Kamala Harris, and Her Ideological Approaches and Current Issues

The presidential elections in the United States of America and no controversies, is it possible? It has become a profound truth that there will be no presidential election without arguments. The recent election of the year 2020 is no exception to this. The discussions were hovering around Kamala Harris. Finally, Kamala Harris secured her votes and became the first female vice president of our nation despite all disputes. Let’s have a look at her career.

Who Is Kamla Harris?

Kamla Harris’ name for the vice-presidential election itself is an example one can take to know how great America is. Harris belongs to migrant parents, settled in the United States. She grew up with American culture and thoughts. She is as American as we are. Her mother comes from India, a South Asian country, and her father from Jamaica, a small North American country. Kamala’s childhood was in Oakland, California; born on October 20, 1964, she has witnessed the black civil rights movement from her early childhood.

There is no presidential candidate who did not face a series of allegations. Kamla Harris is no exception to this. From the first day onwards of her campaigns, the so-called, self-proclaimed rationalists criticized her. The central focus of the controversies was related to her criminal justice. Such pseudo-nationalists depicted her as far-leftist and ego-centric. We witnessed Kamla in many roles as senator of California, district attorney, a democratic vice-presidential candidate, and now finally, the first female vice-president of the United States.

Harris and Current Issues:

From the very first day onwards, the Biden Harris partnership has begun changing the Trump policies. They changed significant policies on issues like the Paris Climate Agreement, the immigration issue, the Muslim travel ban, etc.

Lift Over Muslim Ban:

Donald Trump had banned people’s entry into the united states from countries with a Muslim majority under the banner of protecting the nation from foreign terrorists. The ban on travelers was ultimately called a Muslim ban. However, Trump’s idea was a failure, but Biden and Harris have cleared their vision by canceling such orders.

The U.S.A. Returns to the Paris Agreement:

Kamla Harris has worked a lot on environmental issues during her career as a lawmaker. After taking charge of the office, Joe Biden immediately removed Trump’s decision to exit from Paris Climate Agreement. This decision to re-enter the agreement shows hope for environmentalists.

Re-entry in the World Health Agreement:

Donal Trump alleged that the World Health Organization works under the Chinese Communist Party’s influence. Trump decided the removal of the United States from the World Health Organization donorship. Biden-Harris have changed the stand and re-entered the World Health Organization.


As a democratic government, there is no need to explain the current prescient’s stand on the immigration issue. In fact, for them, this is not an issue, unlike Donald Trump, who was more cautious about immigration issues.

The Mexico Wall:

The wall on the Mexican border is one of the controversial decisions by Donald Trump. Biden has cleared their views on this decision. On the first day of the office, Biden canceled to construct a wall on Mexico’s border.

The Rise of Kamla Harris:

Her mother was a South Asian, and her father was a Jamaican. She comes from a black American background. It was around her identity, is she a black American or not?

Once upon a time, things were not better between Harris and Biden on some issues. Recently, on mid-going of the campaigns, Biden declared that he would not fight for the next presidential election. It ultimately goes to Kamla Harris that will be the next term presidential candidate.

Kamla is a perfect candidate for the presidential election; her understanding of political matters and her doctorate degrees enhance her position. She has two honorable doctorates; L.L.D. (Doctorate of Law and Doctorate )and D.H.L. (Doctor of Humane Letters). In her early career, Kamla Harris worked as a district attorney in Alameda. In 2004, Kamla Harris won the election and became district attorney of San Fransisco. She proved herself a strong personality and raised a voice against injustices. Kamala Harris’ strength was noticed by Obama and other members of the Democratic party when in the 2016 elections, Kamala Harris defeated Sanchez by capturing votes above 60%.

Kamla Harris and Her Ideological Approaches:

Whether it is a left-wing or right-wing ideology, every party has its circle and preferences. It is not like a president could not be a supreme authority. We have a constitutional structure that is, of course, flexible but unbreakable. There are limitations on presidential powers. The ideological circle of any president has certain restrictions; after all, our constitution is the supreme authority above all. Kamala Harris and Joe Biden have powers but are inferior to our constitutional structure. Harris as the vice president, will be playing an essential role in decision making. Let’s have a look, how Kamala will influence the United States.

Environmental Issue:

In 2005, Kamla Harris established a department for environmental justice. Harris has been a very cautious personality on ecological issues. More or less, she sounds like Roosevelt. In the nearest future, we will witness significant development in environment-related matters. Harris has a vision on environmental issues. In 2015, Kamala Harris penalized a list of companies that violated environment-related rules.

Criminal Justice:

Criminal justice is the area of her career where she became a center of criticism. She is a prosecutor, an expert of law; she understands how the mechanism works better than us, except those who understand lawmaking of that level. But the criticism has come from the Republican supporters mostly. Her style of seeing the things as it is, helps her to make difficult decisions quickly.

Liberal Views:

Kamla Harris being a democratic party member, supports liberalism and a fundamental supporter of individual choices. In 2015, California became the first state to pass the gay trans panic defense under Kamala Harris’ leadership. It is generally known as LGBTQ panic defense. Kamala Harris’ views on such issues make her a visionary. Suppose you are a Trump supporter or hardcore Harris opposition. You will agree that she is a personality with open-mindedness.

In this article, we introduced Kamala Harris’s background, how she began her career and became vice president of the United States of America. It helps forecast the future moves of an individual if we know about an individual’s past activities. Mostly, it becomes easy when we get to see a fascinating personality like Harris. In Kamala Harris’ case, whether you support her or not, her strong character will make it crystal clear to understand her next move. The individual with strong ideological attachments rarely changes their stance on any matter.