10 ways to create more space in your house

Planning a room on the basis of extra space is difficult but when you go to plan the house, that takes a lot of time and energy. Be it a huge place or a small apartment there is always a problem for storage. There are always missing items and it takes a lot of time to check all the places for that item. And if you have a kid that means ” bye, bye” organized and clean house. The situation gets worse if you are living in a small apartment.

Well, you don’t have to worry about organized and clear spaces anymore if you use these tools and ideas. There will be no storage problems anymore if you go through the list and make changes accordingly. These are the most efficient ideas which people are already using and trying.

Below are 10 ways through which you can create your storage space.

1.Disorganized Cabinets

We often face the problem of a disorganised cabinet. Whether it is in the bathroom or the clothes shelf. There are always items that are placed one upon another or in the case of the bathroom cabinets, there are too many bottles and essentials. It often becomes impossible to find some stuff without taking out all the things. What you can do here is take small boxes that can fit in your cabinets and put a label on it. Put the items in that box according to the labels. In this way your cabinets will look organized, there will always be some space and also it would be easy to find the items.

2. Bedside Tables

Bedside tables are essential and we always need at least one of them to place our things on. They do take some space and make the room much smaller. We obviously cannot just stop using one, to get some more space. There is a better and innovative idea for this problem. Headboards are also essential for us so try to choose those headboards which have an inbuilt shelf in that. This will solve your problem and will also keep your stuff from being ruined by the dust.

3.Hang the pans

The slide in cabinets in the kitchen can fit small utensils and crockery easily but when it comes to pans we have to build a bigger cabinet which makes the kitchen look more congested. The other option people follow is to hide these pans in the oven. And what if you want to use the oven? All the pans would be then placed on the kitchen counter. That surely looks disorganised and sometimes it is irritating. So every time you use the oven, you need to take out all the pans and then again place all those in their place. It will be better if you hang these pans on the wall. Fit some hooks which can take the weight of the pans. This way all the pans will be in front of you and within your reach too.

4. Floating Shelves

We always have storage problems, there are enough items but not enough space. Floating shelves can be a better idea for solving these problems as this will minimize the floor cabinets and you will also save space. Floating shelves can be used everywhere. They can also be designed or placed in a way which goes well with all your furniture and also gives your place a more trendy look. Shelves are very versatile and in a way magical as it fits anywhere and everywhere, without making the place look messy. They are also not expensive so it is also a cheap way of giving your house a chic look.

5. Laundry Rooms

The laundry room is that part of the house which is the most clean and most cluttered too. By simply placing a laundry bag for your dirty clothes won’t do. You can make cabinets or shelves which will work as a storage room for you. So if you want to place the detergents or the cleaning tools you can keep them on the shelves. This could also be the place where you can keep the extra toiletries like toilet paper, phenol and mops too.

6. Staircase

If you have a staircase, you can use the space below it and make a cabinet there. That space could be used to place the vacuum cleaner or the machines that are used frequently. There are many things that can be done with that space. You can make it a room for your pet. If you don’t own a pet then do not worry there are always things to place there. You can make inbuilt shelves in that space and use that as your library. It can also be a place where you can keep your shoes. This will save you the space and money of bringing a shoe rack for your house.

7. Pull out tables

When it comes to taking care of the house or even working in our offices we often do multitasking. Why not use this idea of buying our furniture? Why do we only choose those tables which can be used for one thing? From dining tables to bedside tables there are many options from which you can choose. Try buying those tables which can be used for more than one need. Buy pull out dining tables so that if you have a guest you wouldn’t need to worry about having long tables. It would be easy if you just pull out the extra table for the time you have visitors. And when it’s just you, that could be put back without much effort. If you have no kitchen space than foldable dining table which is attached to the walls can also be used. There are also small dining sets available in which the small pouffes will nest under the table surface and there would be no extra room needed for the chairs. There are also many convertible drawers which can be turned into tables for the time you need some space for placing the things.

8.Beds and Couches

When living in a small apartment we do not have much space for our guests to stay. Using pull out beds and couches can solve this problem. This saves space and money. You do not need to worry about anything while having guests over to your place. You can also use pullout beds so that you do not need an extra room to sleep. Whenever you want to sleep you can just pull out your bed. This saves a lot of space because beds are the one thing that occupies most of the rooms space.

9.Hidden Storage

The best way of making a room spacious is to make hidden storage spaces. You can use a pullout rack next to the space left near the fridge. You can store dey goods if it is installed in the kitchen. Pullout racks can also be used to store your shoes so that your house looks more tidy and clean. This will save you from buying a rack for your shoes and also save you from the space needed for that.

10. Use hooks

Walls are the most underrated and unused places in our house. They can be used for a lot of things and not just be used for decorating or enhancing the look of our houses.

The Bottom line

Above are 10 easy and effective ways of solving the storage problems and giving your house a more neat look. These ideas will save your time and energy as you wouldn’t have to worry about the items and would know exactly where they are placed.