Things you should avoid in your 30s

Are you closing onto your 30s? How are you? Are you worried or do you have your life in control? You see the 20s is the age where you have the “get out of jail free” card. But as you near your 30s you can no longer use this card, since you’re no longer expected to make trivial mistakes and errors. So what are the things you should no longer do after you approach your 30s? In your 20s you could spend an entire paycheck on a dress and no one would care but after your 30s you can no longer spend huge sums on a purse. It just doesn’t make sense, unless of course, you are a billionaire. So let us see what are the things you should no longer indulge in after you cross your 30s.

Things you should leave behind before you step into your 30s.

1. Stalking someone. Particularly your ex

You have officially crossed the threshold to serious adulthood, do you still want to act like a teenager? Being 30 without a relationship is completely fine but being 30 and stalking ex’s, that does not seem like a controlled life. So make sure before the clock strikes 12 and you wake up to your 30th birthday you stop indulging in such habits.

2. Seeking validation

I am sure 30 years of existence has had its fair share of life lessons. One of which is you can never make everyone happy. So stop trying and stop seeking validation from others. It is high time you stop caring about others opinions.

3. Beer pong

Ok, I know this era was fun but it has to end. Are you still drinking from a red cup while living exactly the way you did then? You are no longer a young adult, so drop that ping pong ball and crush that red cup.

4. Hibernating during the weekends

We all do this, every Monday we look forward to Saturday and imagine about the sleep marathon which would last an entire weekend. But no more. Make your Sundays productive and do not laze around.

5. Binge drinking

Do not binge drink, not on weekends and not during weekdays. Plus the hangovers get worse with every passing year. Plus it is no longer cool to be drunk during the week.

6. Collecting credit card debt

In my 20s I can justify credit card debts but in my 30s this might be a lot harder. The 30s are meant to be the era where you get your life straight. So make sure you start clearing all your debts.

7. Pocket money

Asking your mom and dad for money is not a getting it together move. Your parents should no longer be paying you or your bills. Make sure you drop this habit.

8. Toxic people

A rotten apple ruins the entire basket. There is still time, cut the cord and distance yourself from unproductive and lazy people. They will drain your energy and creativity.

9. Buying random stuff

Oh, that looks good, oh how about that. Stop! Do not shop without a list. Make a list and only buy necessary items. Do not buy random stuff you can no longer afford it and even if you can, don’t.

10. Sneaking a smoke.

If you quit something make sure you quit it entirely. No more going at the back to sneak a smoke. If smoking is now a habit then try and cut back.

11. Not doing your laundry

No, you cannot buy new underwear to avoid doing laundry. Do your laundry, weekly. Even if you hate doing laundry, outsource the work but do not buy new stuff.

12. Advertising your drunk self

No, being drunk and stupid is not cool, not even in your 20s. The thing is in your 20s you can be drunk and stupid and can use your get out of jail free card. In your 30s being drunk and posting it online is not a good reflection.

13. Skipping Routines

Moisturizing is important. Do not leave your house until you have put on some moisturizer. Those white dry lines are not good for your skin.

14. Pulling all-nighters

You can no longer afford all-nighters and not for fun. Hopefully, by the age of 30, you would have a stable job and believe me you do not want to go to work tired.

15. Avoiding exercises

Yes, you have a job but that does not mean you will avoid exercise. If you have a desk job believe me avoiding exercise will soon lead to a bad body and worst-case scenario a huge belly.

16. Surviving on takeout

Occasionally eating outside is acceptable but making it a habit is not good. Learn to cook. You do not have to be a proper chef just enough to get by.

17. Unframed pictures

You are no longer in college, so those unframed posters in your room do not work any longer. I don’t know but posters don’t give the adult vibe, at least not the unframed ones.

18. Spending most of your salary on alcohol and takeout

Like I said occasionally drinking and takeout are completely fine. Spending the majority of your salary on drinks and food is not.

19. Not cleaning the bathroom

Do not wait until 30 to start cleaning your bathroom. Clean the toilet bowl weekly, also wipe the bathroom floor. No one likes a damp floor.

20. Holding onto grudges

Like Elsa said “Let it go” do the same. Let older grudges go. Let bygones be bygones. Turn over a new leaf. Forgive the grievances of others and keep on living.

21. Not washing your bath towels and bedsheets weekly

This does not have to do with age. You should wash your bath towels and bedsheets weekly irrespective of your age unless you are a baby. But 30 is the limit if you do not wash them by now, start washing.

22. Avoiding family

Hey, guess what? Your rebellious teenager phase “family isn’t cool” phase is over. Spend time with your family and loved ones.

23. Dental health

Floss, floss, floss. If you haven’t flossed even once in your life, it is high time you start doing it. And no, flossing before date nights do not count. Take your dental health seriously.

24. Texting while driving

That’s just basic sense. Do not text while driving. If I were to tell you the numbers of accidents caused due to this situation you would understand the gravity of the issue. So stop.

25. Getting high on drama

No, I am not promoting other ways of getting high. Avoid drama. It causes stress and is a waste of energy and time.

26. Being aware

Read the paper. Be up to date with the affairs of your nation and the world. Gain knowledge every day. Reading is a powerful tool and each and everyone should have a daily reading habit.

27. Not saving

Do not spend all your money. Start saving little by little. Save for a house, a trip or a car. Save for your retirement.

28. Unhealthy dieting

Not eating and following extreme dieting tricks is not the way to go. Following a healthy diet plan and maintain a well-balanced food regimen. Maintain a healthy lifestyle.

29. Insurance

Getting insurance is important. In our 20s we don’t understand the necessity of insurance but as we arrive at our 30s we get to know all the benefits that come with insurance.

30. Take responsibility

Own up to your doings wrong or right. Be responsible for your dealings.


There you have it 30 things you should avoid after the age of 30. Enjoy the read.