How to look like your Instagram picture in real life?

The Instagram profile picture is the first thing that users see while visiting your page, so you need to get it right. Your profile picture should be clear and attractive. It becomes a deciding factor for the users and they draw conclusions about a person at the first glance. Though it seems rather insignificant and small the job has gained a lot of pace and popularity. With a large/optimized size profile picture you can make a good impression on your end-user. It’s better to keep the same profile picture/avatar on different social media accounts. Make sure that your picture is recognizable and perfect. Keep the size and dimension in mind. Here are some tips to make your profile picture look real on Instagram.

  1. Show your face clearly:- Always remember to put your personal face on your profile because people connect with a face rather than anything else like a logo or an icon. We need to use your face as the users have a tendency to get connected with a cute looking face. It will be helpful if you are in business like an influencer, coach/consultant, stole trader, or man to the man service provider. If your brand or business has earned recognition then logos or icons can be used. You need to differentiate between both of them as to what goes on well with your business. In the case of multiple owners and workers, a logo makes sense. It is beneficial in professional services, media, or retail businesses. But a personal profile pic is perfect for your own business or brand. Your personal photo helps you build trust among end-users. So make sure that the picture looks cute and impressive. It should blend your brand to invite users. If using a logo becomes mandatory, then look for its perfect size to fit in the space provided. In the case of horizontal logos square background becomes essential, so crop the corners especially to maintain its size and identity. Never upload a circular image as the corners and size of the picture will change or disappear.
  2. Photo Size:- Never use a full-body photo for an Instagram profile, this is the biggest mistake that people often make. It’s impossible to fit your full body pic in that small space, so your face and a bit of your shoulder should be used. Make sure that the picture is taken from a distance where your face appears big and clear. People recognize you by face, not from your clothing or hair. It’s your personal picture that draws the attention of the users. So whenever you click a profile shot focus on your head and shoulders to fit into the frame.
  3. Avoid Off Center Picture:- Cropping and centering your profile picture is quite difficult, hence you can experiment with angles and make the shots more creative. Avoid shooting from low angles because people don’t like seeing your double thin or nose closely. Either tilt your head at a different angle or use a higher angle. Playful angles and creative shots work wonders for making your profile picture eye-catching. Click a bunch of pictures and select the one, which makes you look beautiful and recognizable. The size should be appropriate to fit into the circle after cropping. Your photo or your logo both should be centered and large.
  4. Light and Contrast:- While selecting a profile picture make sure that there is a difference between the subject and background. Always choose a picture that has a good lighting effect and clear contrast. Subtle shades or muted colors will not work and they might blend with the background, hence to make your profile picture look more real opt for all white, or all black, or any other color in contrast to your outfit.
  5. Keep smiling:- If you want to attract users keep smiling as this adds to your approachable personality. You can gain likes, trust, and recognition among users. You cannot impress your audience with neutral expressions. A smile helps you spread positive vibes and also makes you look attractive and friendly.
  6. Use a Prop:- To represent your business or brand using a prop like a pen, a mic, a camera or any other tool associated with your business is also a solution for making your Instagram profile photo look real. This will help your brand gain recognition.
  7. No to Trendy Photos:- Changing your Instagram profile photos frequently according to the seasons, events or holidays is fun doing. But in the long run, switching out pictures now and then will leave your account unnoticed or ignored. Your users will never take you seriously. Hence it is good to stick to the same picture for a long.
  8. Portrait Retouching:- There are apps available online to help you make every photograph perfect. Through these apps, you can retouch any picture of yours and remove wrinkles, improve complexion, brighten up your face, use eye shadows, lip liners, and enhance your look. You don’t need to be a photoshop expert. Using filters and by editing you can make your Instagram profile picture look more real and beautiful. Retouching is a tool that helps your every picture look professional within no time.
  9. Hire a professional:- For taking some good shots and better results you can hire a professional photographer. But if it seems costly to you then, you can ask your friend, who has a firm hand and a good eye to capture your photo. Never upload a sloppy selfie, if you want to attract/impress users. Your profile picture serves as an invitation card so make sure that it’s crisp, clear, and helps you look like a professional businessman.
  10. Wear your brand color:- For making your profile pic more real you should wear something that goes with your brand, maybe near your face because you won’t be showing your full body. It’s possible only if you’re a model, otherwise, only your face should be on the dp. You can use something like an adventurer’s suit, beach style or outfits for corporate meetings, etc. Your color palette should blend with your brand  to gain potential followers on Instagram.
  11. Photo size:- The photo size recommended for profile pic is 200×200 pixels and the minimum is 110×110 pixels suitable for your mobiles. Therefore, most people won’t like to go smaller than that. But bigger is always better because the smaller size restricts you from cropping even a tiny piece if required. Always remember that your profile is displayed in a circle on instagram. It will allow you to resize before you upload it. Carefully position the focal point of your picture and avoid unwanted cuts.
  12. Simple Design:- The best practice to keep in mind while making a profile picture is its simple design. This practice will work best. If the design is complex the image created will look cluttered. Hence, it is importnt to use white space more, so that the picture doesn’t look too tiny on the desktop and the text could be read easily on small screens or mobile phones. Simple design will increase the visibility of your picture, logo or icon certainly.

Conclusion:- Before you start planning about your instagram profile pic, learning about its dimensions is very daunting. Your photo should be clear and crisp to invite users at the first sight. Therefore, it is advisable to follow the tips and create a dp that fits into the provided space. Hire professional photographers, if your budget permits. Use better colour contrasts, lighting, design and appropriate angles for good results. After all its a matter of engaging users/followers on your instagram account. So your photo shoot should be done in the right way. Use icons or logos only if required. Always upload your personal picture on the profile to let people know and recognize you. To represent your brands use some props and colours that blend with your business or brand. Use the apps properly and create a real profile picture.