Top 5 video games of 2021

Well, gaming is something every age group will love. Though the year 2020 has been a boisterous year for everyone, it wasn’t that bad for the gamers. There are popular companies who have made beautiful games during that time also. They have got several games, and we have several games to look forward to. While not leaving the previous year’s hardware to dust, the year 2021 has its circumstances, which is complicating the development of the game. Like any other global entertainment industry, the covid 19 pandemics has pushed back many games that would release back in 2020. However, some dates and platforms are announced that will change as the year will go by and it will be a good year of video games, and 2021 will be the year of rounds. This article will share the list of popular games, and most of us are looking for such kinds of fun in the year. If you love gaming, then you should check the following games out.

The only games which have some chances of getting released this year will be paid attention to.

  1. Halo infinite
  2. Resident evil village
  3. Vampire- the masquerade bloodlines 2
  4. Hitman 3
  5. Monster hunter rise
  1. Halo infinite-

This game is at the top of the gaming list, and this game is the next adventure of the armor- bedecked master chief. The game’s previews imply managers were going to battle the banished, a group of covenant sprinter that has taken over a damaged halo ring. This game is best for the ones who want to play as master chiefs again. Halo infinite can adequately test the Xbox series Cs hardware, and if everything goes according to the plan, then that’s the role infinite that would have probably served the launch line up.

This game is a generation of video game shooters, and its style is wide-open combat scenarios. Halo Infinite is a first-person game and is published for the windows Xbox series. This game is the sixth main entry of the Halo series. The story in the game is of the master chief, continuing the halo five guardians. This game was planned and released on November 10, 2020, but was delayed and will now be launched in 2021 in August.

  1. Resident evil- village

This is one of the proper forms of the game ‘the resident evil’ and reinvention. The resident evil series keep coming in one or the other state. This title to this series has been given on the 25th anniversary of the game. This game provides a magical touch.

In this game, the players will assume their role as the protagonist Ethan Winters and the former hero of the resident evil Chris Redfield. He is trapped in a village that is full of man-eating werewolves and other zombies horror. This game is in favor of gothic largesse’ texas chainsaw’. Resident Evil 7, which came back in 2017, was a classic series for most of its runtime and is focused on the new characters. As the teaser is out, you will get to know that Resident Evil’s hero will be the villain in the game. Aren’t you curious?

  1. Vampire- the masquerade- bloodlines 2

This game is one of the sequel of the cult the bloodlines, that had been the earliest production. However, the vampire bloodlines two aim to offer a role play. The masquerade is set up in an urban horror setting, where there are many secret societies owned by vampires, staking our boundaries. In this game, you are among the weak vampire, and you are trying to find a place among them. This game is among the most wish-listed match in 2021. This game is to be released on playstation4, Xbox One, and Xbox series X. players in this game are assigned several characters with unique customized powers. Their abilities progress bloodlines by using violent and nonviolent methods and techniques. The players of this game can also accomplish a side storyline by exploring and interacting with other characters and manipulate them.

  1. Hitman 3

This game is a hitman trilogy, and it’s like a clue in the opposite. Here things can go wrong for a bad person, and the game will ask you to make a most lovely clean getaway. This game has been released on January 20, and it’s not only the game to be played in VR, PSVR but also is a long series that will arrive on a Nintendo console. It looks the same as the sort of stealth, covet murder shenanigans, and this is what the series is known for. The hitman series started quite a long time ago, in the 2000s. The main game series is set up in an open environment and presented from the third man’s point of view, and the players are assigned specific targets, and these tasks include hiding from enemies and using suppressed weapons.

Agent 47, the main protagonist, is an eponymous hitman who works for the international contract agency. He originated as a clone who maintains intelligence and human physicality and is easy to control, and displays a monotone personality. As you play, you will know that most of the stories are not interconnected, and there are relationships recurring between characters. This game is available on 5, Xbox series, PlayStation 4, and stadia.

  1. Monster hunter rise-

This game is a successful series, and its return has made all the gamers must be eager. This game is vertically designed, so the title has been ‘rise.’ It features a seamless open world rather than the separated worlds. This action role-plays video game is developed and produced by Capcom. A player has to take up the role of a hunter, and there are tasks given, such as trapping large monsters by using a variety of weapons. And when you win the game, then there is a loot offered to you, basically, in the form of several monster parts from the monster, you can use the forge weapons to take down more powerful monsters in the series. The monster hunter rise is a mix of swords, shields, bows, and staves. Unlike previous games, its maps navigate the verticle scale, so the new scaling gives the player the weapons. You will find a dog-like creature called malamute that you can ride on without losing stamina. It has both single and multi online player mode, and also you can form a group of four with both the companions that are malamute and palico.

Though many games will be coming up later in 2021, listed below are the titles of the most anticipated games which will be released later in the year 2021 they are-

  • Far cry 6
  • Super Mario world- browsers fury
  • Cyber shadow 
  • Horizon 2- forbidden west

These games will be introduced later in 2021. These games can also be played on the Ps 4 and 5. They are also multiplayer games.


Video games are something we will never get bored of. These games keep us busy, and they are so enjoyable to play that we get lost in them while playing. These games are to be played on PC, PlayStation 4, and 5. These games can be played online, too, and offers a multiplayer option. Some games among them are series and sequel of the old games developed in the previous year.