Which are the best smartphones under $500

Buying a smartphone means having a big pocket filled with cash, but is it really true now? With the smartphone market being vast and open for all sorts of customers with all kinds of needs, you need not worry about buying a good smartphone under $500. And if you have been wondering for quite a while about which are the best smartphones under $500, then now you can get your list of smartphones along with all the features being mentioned to help you choose the one that is the right fit and made just for you. But then finding the perfect phone for you is like trying to find a nail fallen into a heap of gravels! It is that hard, but you might get one if you have set all your priorities straight!

While some might want an excellent rear camera, while others a good processor, while others might want to have good battery life, getting all of these in one phone can be challenging. Still, if you are ready to compromise one feature with another, then you will get one that you have been searching for! With a lot of competitiveness, one can easily find a budget phone under $500 with almost all the specifications being fulfilled. Here are some of the best picks that you can count on for your favorite phone!

1. Apple iPhone SE:

The most recent 2020 version of Apple, which has been taking a heavy toll on the smartphone market, is the Apple iPhone SE 2020 is one that tops the list of best budget smartphones! This phone with 128 GB storage space coming at $449 is one you can buy without even having to think twice.

You know, if it’s Apple, then you are sure to get some of the best features in the market. With a display of 4.7 inches made up of an LCD screen and a processor, Apple’s A13 Bionic processor, which is the main highlight of the phone, leaves you zero to none option when it comes to selecting this phone. The processor is the main highlight as this processor is said to be one of the fastest processors you can ever get on any phone at this range. This processor is the same chip you will find in Apple iPhone 11 pro, which is worth $999. This means a reasonable speed at a good rate! As you get a good processor, you cannot put the battery life into the best category though you do get good compromising battery life. Also, getting an iPhone SE, you can definitely count on some real suitable accessories to be found at ease at lower rates than some other android phones. You get one back camera with 12 MP and one front camera with a resolution of 7 MP. This phone is one you ought to have if you go on for a year to price comparison because if you take care of the phone in a really nice way, there are chances that this phone can go on for as long as six years! With a phone good in this range, that too, from Apple can unquestionably be the best budget phone for most of you all!

2. Samsung Galaxy A51:

Samsung, just the name itself, gets its popularity from decades of best smartphones being sold throughout the world. If you have ever been a Samsung smartphone user, then there are high chances you know the value of each phone released by them! With a bright and vivid screen of about 6.5-inch OLED display and a good battery life of about 4,000mAh, you know things cannot go wrong with this phone! Not only is the big screen a plus point, but the screen quality and the camera quality just keeps on adding to the list, making it one of the best smartphones you could afford at $399. With a rate this low and with about three generations of Android software updates being provided, you know it is excellent news in itself.

3. Google Pixel 4A:

Google has its own smartphone range, is trying to gain profit and is also actually thinking about making good smartphones for people. Well, if you do not believe this, then here is a budget phone from Google made just for you at $349 and with as many as three software updates, which will keep your updates for you next three years! This phone alone as acts as proof regarding the authenticity of the phone. It might not really have the largest screen or the best processor as said in Apple iPhone SE 2020 or as mentioned in Samsung A51, but it does have one of the best advantages: the software updates, which will last for as long as three years! Not only is the software update a plus point, but you can also get a good camera quality, which is as good as those found in smartphones that range about $1,500! What makes the camera so special is the sensor that has been focused on while curating this smartphone. This sensor enables you to efficiently conduct night photography along with astrophotography and also a perfect portrait mode, which beats all other phones in this range! It has a 5.8-inch screen along with an adequate RAM space that can keep your phone running without having to close multiple applications. Apart from these specs, you might not get a fancy look, face unlock feature, or wireless charging, which you might be looking for in the phone. A phone with these qualities at such a low rate is definitely not a bad deal, so you might as well go for it!

4. Moto G Power:

You know you can compromise everything else when you have a good battery life, and Motorola makes sure you get the best battery life ever for a long-lasting and fantastic performance. You can get two phones in this range, one being Moto G Stylus and the other being Moto G Power, while stylus makes sure you get the latest style in your phone; the power phone is much more known for its good lasting battery life.

While you can choose a stylus for a good sleek look, we hands-down would go for Moto G Power due to a 5,000 mAh battery, and that too for $249! You also know that once you choose the Moto G Power phone, you are ready to compromise many other features, some of them being the huge battery accompanying the weight of the phone. While you get a good screen of about 6.4-inch FHD+ display, you might only get a storage space of 64 GB and a RAM space of 4 GB. On the other hand, you also get a phone with Snapdragon 665, which is quite a compromise as you will be able to run all the apps, but it will eventually get slower down the line.

If you want Moto G Stylus, you can definitely go for it, but you might want to keep in mind the battery life, which might be lesser than the Moto G Power.

That is it for some of the best phones under $500, and now it is up to you as to which phone is the right one for you and which is that one feature you are ready to compromise!