What is the deal with travelling with a purpose?

Travelling can mean a lot of things for a lot of different people. It can be a vacation or a way of keeping themselves at peace, for some it would be for fun and the others it would be for their career. There are many reasons for travelling and one of them is Travelling with a purpose.

What does it mean?

We all are aware of the different reasons one may travel for, and travelling with purpose as the name suggests that you travel to learn something. It can be a language, or even if you want to satisfy a contest which may be personal( like hitchhiking) or to volunteer for something.

Travelling with a purpose is rewarding as you know what you will do and you know about the place and you learn many things. There are many favourable effects of doing that and you might not even know about some of them. So let’s get further on to know all that you would gain from travelling with a purpose.

For self-improvement

Travelling doesn’t only mean a vacation,  what you can also do is learn there. One always craves for improvement and self-discovery and that is where travelling helps. There can be two purposes for travelling one is philanthropic and the other one is for inner purpose. For self-improvement, you can learn new things, do newer things, meditate or de-stress. You can learn about new cultures and cuisine. Travelling can broaden your mind and can give you a more optimistic lookout to your life. You can learn and teach while you are on a journey.

Fulfil your goal

Travelling with a goal is all that counts, it can be a major or even a small one. Every morning we get out of the bed for a reason and that’s what makes it worthwhile. Putting in the hard work for your goal every day. Try taking out the purpose or do not set a goal for a day and that would make it less interesting and a lot less entertaining. The purpose can be more than just social or environmentally conscious, it can be to learn about a local religion or their beliefs. One can visit the church, temple or mosque there, try to know about some interesting facts about that place so that you could share it with your friends and relatives.

Helps you to socialize

Travelling without a purpose just means to visit well-known places and wander about. When you are travelling with a purpose you have to talk to the local propel to know more about the place. It is said that people who are young travel for fun and the middle-aged ones travel to take a break or escape the pressure. The older ones travel to learn new things. Travelling with purpose can be done by anyone and doesn’t just mean it is for the old people as you have a plan and purpose that you are aware of. This kind of travelling increases your experience and knowledge.

Make you feel accomplished

Travelling with a goal will make you focus on other things. Choosing a meaningful trip has always been difficult as we have only looked up for places to go for our yearly vacation. We have always looked up for the most visited places or booked the most reviewed hotels and never actually tried to explore something of your own. Travelling without purpose isn’t a journey you would be talking about with your grandkids or kids or even your friends if you haven’t succeeded in something or achieved a goal. Once you have accomplished something you feel whole again and there is a new version of you that takes birth which has experienced things and learnt about new stuff.

Rather than going out and just roaming around why not try to grow along with that. No one is stating that travelling without purpose is bad, it’s just that why not get something out of it.

Make your decisions wisely.

When we want to go on a vacation we always look for places which are the most visited and often make decisions based on other travel stories. When we travel with a purpose we take care that the decisions are based on what we want. You know where to go if you want to go hitchhiking. All the places you would stay will be based on the spot near it. This helps you make your own decisions. You would focus on fun and also your goal. This will make you decide where you would stay and where and when you would visit the specific place. It’s like a vacation but in a fun and educational way. Unlike the school tours, this vacation will be the one you are interested in.

Why is it getting famous

There are many options for travelling more than there are humans in this world and that is because every place carries a different perspective for everyone. Adding a spicy hint of purpose to travel is always a good option. Whether it is to go for hiking or even learn something new. When you travel without an aim and be impulsive and discover places and wait for new surprises would always sound fun. But travelling with a purpose is just different, it’s like a spotlight shining on your way. And it is not that you will just learn there, you may wander and you can even explore places.

The reasons why travelling with purpose is getting famous is because:


Having a goal for a destination keeps you interested and will also strengthen the connection with your destination. It will also help you to acclimate to your destination quickly and this will help you to explore the area. The guides help you with the information you need for the area and you do not need to waste your time reading or searching about the area. This is one reason why it is getting so much attention.

Culture and Practices

Travelling with purpose not only helps you to know about the culture but also the reasons why people do it. Travelling without an aim will only let you visit well-known places or sites. But with this option, you may want to visit places and know about them in detail. Maybe you are volunteering or taking interviews, there are always ways to learn about the places and culture.

Making meaningful memories

Just imagine you are coming back from your trip and your family or friends ask you what you saw and your experience. When travelling without a purpose you would only be able to tell about the places you visited but when your trip had a goal you would be able to share your experience with the people, the places and the culture they followed. Because of this reason too people prefer to travel with a purpose.

The Bottom line

There are many reasons for you to travel to a specific place but travelling with a purpose is the one that is well known as not only are you entertained but you also have more knowledge.