Best 3-Day long weekend getaways in America

Choosing a getaway destination, especially a short one like that on the weekends, can be daunting. Below are some of the best weekend destinations you must visit.
The working days often pass with hectic work schedules and tight deadlines, and the weekends in uncluttering the mess around the house, stretching the tensed muscles and preparing for yet another loop for the week that is to come. Taking a break and bringing back the adventure and excitement to life becomes necessary when such feelings strike. And, since taking a long weekend off to relax is just out of options sometimes. We bring you a list of some of the best 3-day long weekend getaways in the united states, so you don’t have to waste time scrolling for hours, finding a perfect destination spot.

Austin (Texas)

This Texas state capital, which is often also termed as”The world’s live music capital,” is more than just the incredible melodies, its features, and it’s deep musical history. It also has America’s vastest green urban space and cultural presence; with stunning lakes and parks and a laid-back ambiance, it is the perfect place for spending a calm weekend. The pleasant year-round temperature and a variety of tourist attractions like museums, art galleries, and the Texas capitol building make it all the more worthwhile to visit. The nightlife of this beautiful city and live music concerts are as enjoyable as it’s sunny daytime, as Austin has witnessed some of the most excellent musicians’ early times, like Janis Joplin and the Dixie Chicks, to name a few.

Seattle (Washington)

This incredible and liveliest major city of the Pacific Northwest serves some of the best coffee in the country with enthralling art, history, and cultural scene. Though Seattle witnesses unpredictable weather year-round with several cloudy days, this water surrounded city also offers some special outdoor activities like kayaking and camping and ski-slopes for someone who wishes to have a fun day outside. The city’s iconic “Seattle great wheel” and space needle are some great places to explore. Home to famous tech companies like apple and amazon, the city of Seattle also has perfect hip clubs for a pleasant nightlife. Other attractions include a vast food market, boat tours, public parks, aquariums, etc.

San Diego (California)

It’s one of the largest cities of Southern California and is best known for its breathtaking Pacific Ocean Waterfront. With great sunny weather and more than 70 miles of splendid coastline, San Diego is the perfect getaway for someone wanting to soak in the sun. Multiple beaches offer a great time outside, swimming, boating, surfing, with tons of other watersports. A booming nightlife, San Diego zoo in the vast Balboa park (one of the largest urban parks in the nation), SeaWorld, and theme parks add to the list of reasons to visit this magnificent city. Apart from fun the excellent Mexican cuisine, the Gaslamp Quarter with lively cultural attractions and fantastic dining destinations are sure to leave you craving for more.

New Orleans (Louisiana)

European style architecture in the stunning french quarter district is one of the most attractive features of this culturally rich city of New Orleans. Popularly known as “Big Easy,” it also hosts the famous annual festival Mardi Gras in spring. The joyful and party-like ambiance and the vibrant parade of the festival attract tourists from around the globe each year. Several amusing museums, delicious Creole cuisine, and the musical tunes of jazz, blues, Zydeco, etc., floating around in every corner of the city, fills the whole space with pleasant and calm vibes year-round. Historic mansions, excellent cafes and coffee shops, ancient French markets, majestic oak trees, Jackson square, and garden district are there to ensure a breathtaking experience in this thriving city of joy.

New York City

Titled as “city that never sleeps,” New York is not just a city, but an experience, with its fast-paced life, cultural beauty, towering sky-scrapers, and world-famous landmarks. The city’s home to more than 23 million residents and thousands of tourists visiting the city’s attractions like the statue of liberty, empire state building, and times square, etc., at any given time. The unique neighborhood and boroughs of New York are filled with vibrant culture and ambiance. The lovely shopping and dining options on times square and the most excellent theatrical performances showcased at the elite Broadway theaters provide an over-all enthralling experience. From trendy cocktail bars to neon lights of times square, New York has something to offer for everyone who comes along.

Miami (Florida)

The city of Miami embraces several diverse cultures, splendid arts, and the ocean. The extraordinary art scene with multiple museums, delicious food, music, remarkable city skylines, and historical homes are some of the major attractions of this lovely city, making it one of the most popular tourist destinations worldwide. South Beach, Everglades, and little Havana make for a perfect weekend hotspot and a traditional view of the city. Miami Beach, furthermore, adds to the charm of the whole experience. This barrier island fills up for exciting nightlife and parties and offers various other exploring options like open-air shopping in Lincoln road mall, glamourous boutiques, artifacts, and popular museums.

Boulder (Colorado)

Boulder, also known as the happiest city in America, is located in the framework of spectacular rocky mountains (5000 feet above sea level) and is home to some of the most pleasing natural wonders of the state and excellent food destinations. University of Colorado Museum of Natural History, the Fiske Planetarium, Flatirons craggy rock mountain formation open to outdoor recreation for the public, and Flagstaff Mountain overlook, a beautiful observational site, are all part of this charming city’s landscape. The city also hosts popular annual events like drawing top-name international acts, the Colorado Music Festival, and the holiday Polar Bear Plunge, offering a spectacular experience and a taste of the city’s magnificent cultural beauty.

Additional Mentions

There’re several other destinations you can visit for a relaxing weekend getaway, like Asheville(North Carolina), Portland(Oregon), Sequim(Washington), Memphis(Tennessee), Las Vegas(Nevada), Stowe(Vermont), Atlantic City(New Jersey), Columbus(Ohio), Savannah(Georgia), etc.


Home to some of the world’s most fabulous cities, America is no short on places for a perfect weekend getaway. Heading to a place in order to relax and calm both your body and mind is the best gift you can give yourself after a week full of stress and hard work. Furthermore, one does not have to spend tons or necessarily have a loose budget for planning a trip; there are several ways to enjoy oneself and have fun in these brilliant tourist destinations across America on a tight budget. So, pack your bags and get ready, bring along a mate or two and enjoy the weekend before you start working with that vigor again. Happy traveling.